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Yuki Toshiro

Yuki Toshiro
Species & Gender: NH-22C Yamataian Male
Year of Birth: YE 11
Age: 30
Family (or Creators): Yuki Daisuke (Father, 51) Yuki Yuriko (Mother, 49) Yuki Kenichi (Brother, MIA, would be 35) Yuki Mariko (Sister, 27) Yuki Shinobu (Sister, 20)
Height: 6’ 1”, or 185.4 cm
Weight: 155 lbs, or 70.3kg
Organization: Independent, Yamatai-based
Occupation: Search, Rescue, Salvage, Mining
Rank: Civilian Commodore
Current Placement: Yggdrasill Fleet(CO), Hikari Fleet(CO)

Physical Characteristics

  • Build and Skin Color: Build is fairly average, yet healthy. Skin color is fairer than most. It is noticeable, but not outrageous.
  • Facial Features and Eye Color: Toshiro possesses fairly boyish features, including large eyes, a small nose and a narrow mouth. His eyes are a bright emerald green.
  • Hair color and Style: Dark brown, and relatively unkept, but it seems to work for him. A large bang seems to constantly threaten to obscure his vision by moving to the left or right, but never seems to do so unless things are quite shaky.
  • Distinguishing Features: Toshiro’s most obvious traits to the eye are his fair skin, youthful appearance, and his emerald eyes. He regularly wears green, blue, and white, and often is seen wearing a family totem, a pyramid-shaped icon made of three quadrilaterals. He is also, seemingly due to the testing of the Yggdrasill, almost completely immune to the effects of vertigo.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: While Toshiro isn’t the tallest or strongest guy around, he seems to walk with a quiet confidence. Not boastful or elitist like other Yamataians, but simply the pride of a young man holding his own in the universe. Toshiro, much like his older brother before him, sees the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity, but isn’t as quick to fight something out, though he can if needed. Unlike some Yamataians, Toshiro sees the humans, regardless of upgrade level, as equals, and even nekos are treated with equal respect. Intelligent life is intelligent life, and should be held in high regard. Even the Elysians are treated civilly. This should not be mistaken for being overly passive however. Respect is one of the defining aspects of Toshiro, along with honor and values, because of his brother. His interest in politics is variable, but specific. He has little interest in listening to propaganda, much preferring to find the facts on his own and formulate his own opinions. As for the wars, Toshiro is uncertain of the true nature of what happened, but thinks it somewhere in between the two races. He has a greater interest in such things as the rights of artificially created beings. The idea of “disposable life” is extremely distasteful to him, though he believes that switching bodies isn’t a bad thing. He has lost a brother, whom he cared deeply for, and knows that anyone else could easily feel such pain, if they haven’t already. This, logically, leads to Toshiro being a little more choosy about the battles he takes part in than his older brother. He has held some wonder at the universe he is in, but he is not so naïve as to be unaware than dangers are also present, and that one must tread cautiously. While Toshiro’s family is currently Human, he became a first-generation NH-22C Yamataian, partially because he felt the change to be a step forward in more ways than one.

After witnessing a particularly nasty battle and watching the difficulty of other vessels to reach the survivors swiftly because of the debris, Toshiro realized his plans for the Yggdrasill had more potential than simply salvage, but also search and rescue. The Yggdrasill was named after the mythical Tree of Life, because Toshiro felt it had the potential to spare and change it. The Yggdrasill is designed for search, rescue, and salvage, be it alone or to co-operate with civilian or even military efforts. He is always on the watch for Escape or SS pods, and the preservation of life even takes precedence over salvage, his source of income.

Also resulting from his respect for life is his respect for places where life has been lost. Though he does scavenge, he does his best not to disturb or further damage the tombs of the dead that may still be present. The battlefield is a combination cemetery/memorial to him, and though he can be jovial, there are times when his scavenging, even if there isn’t a rescue to be made, commands a solemn mood when exploring battlefields of intense ferocity.

Toshiro is optimistic, and likes to have friends, but knows not to necessarily cling to someone right away. Once one gains his trust, however, they can count on both him and his ship when needed. If a military person of sizable rank and experience obtains his trust, Toshiro may cede command to that officer temporarily to allow the search to go more smoothly. He is willing to take crew and even mecha onto the Yggdrasill should he be asked if it will help in a search and rescue operation, and though somewhat ignorant of military protocol, knows there are times to give orders and times to take them.

Other than his respect for life, Toshiro’s most important quality is his curiosity. Toshiro has a smart and hungry mind, and a need to feed it with knowledge. He wishes to learn almost all that is learnable, any technology, any history, and any race’s views and morals are a profound interest to him. Unlike many Yamataians, Toshiro believes there is an afterlife, and that the design of the universe is far too complex for existence to simply end for a being. While he doesn’t fully know what is out there, he sees the universe around him as one facet of a vast cosmic construct rather than a multi-verse thrown together by chance. Perhaps how that construct truly works is the most fascinating mystery of all to him.

Toshiro, for all his idealism and righteousness, has some flaws and oddities that he must work through. Firstly, he is deathly afraid of ribbons. No one really knows why, and Toshiro isn’t telling. All that is known is that the events center around a rhythmic gymnastics tournament on Yamatai (Planet), which he attended when he was younger. Of course, from the reactions some people who know him have gotten when unwittingly showing him ribbon on a package or in their hair, “The less we know, the better.”

When it comes to sexuality he is somewhat naïve, and has only done anything of the sort once, and even then only waking up halfway through. Furthermore, neither of his parents ever gave him “the talk”, assuming his older brother would have told him what he needed to know. Oops. Still, he knows something’s up when advances are made; he’s just not sure what. The opposite gender confuses him a bit, but instead of asking questions, he tends to shrug it off as none of his business, or avoid the situation, which seems against his inquisitive nature. He also tends to avoid beaches. The people who know him sometimes wonder if something happened in the past to cause this inconsistency, or if he’s just accepted the apparent universal truth that you can’t understand women.

  • Likes: Technology of all kinds, saving lives, his late older brother, ice cream, repair, design, construction, mining, salvaging, duct tape, Bondo, sentient life, Neko Rights, green, blue, the Yggdrasill, culture, travel, intelligent discussion, open-minded people, and Velcro-fastened shoes.
  • Dislikes: Arguments, insults, ribbons, propaganda, being attacked, arrogant people, and hair gel.
  • Goals: Save as many lives as possible, learn as much as possible, honor Kenichi’s memory, and succeed in the salvaging business, and generally, to quote his brother, “live a life worth living”.


Toshiro was born on Yamatai in YE 11, as a Geshrin, to his parents, Yuki Daisuke and Yuki Yuriko, a lower-middle class family. Early on, Toshiro showed great promise in the technical field, but his parents could only afford to send his brother, five years his senior, to proper classes. Kenichi was the favorite of his parents, but Toshiro was not lacking in guidance, thanks to his elder sibling. Kenichi did not see his parents’ treatment as fair to his brother, and seeing as he always knew he wanted to be a pilot, rather than a technician, he let Toshiro do his schoolwork and faked his way through school, save for the essentials needed for his chosen profession. All the other training was passed on to Toshiro, who had a hungrier mind than his brother. This went on for many years, Toshiro learning not only about electronics, computers, propulsion, etc, but he also learned morality, virtue, honor, and other things his brother held dear.

Kenichi often fought with his parents, who wished to become more than a lower-middle-class family by educating their son and getting him a well-paying position, but Kenichi had made up his mind long before, when he was very young. He was going to be a pilot, to help make a world where his kid brother, and later his sisters, could live happily without fear. Kenichi saw potential in his brother, and honestly hoped that he could become successful, not for his parents’ sake, but his own. Knowing that space was calling to Toshiro’s blood, he joined the Star Army as a pilot just before he would have graduated, and used his first few paychecks to buy a Ge-L3-1A - Vampire-Class Patrol Craft for Toshiro’s 18th birthday, so that he could see the universe, and use the skills which he had honed. Kenichi never lived to see his brother reach adulthood.

One day, when Toshiro was 15, news reached home that something had happened. Yuki Kenichi was MIA, and presumed dead. This shattered Toshiro’s parents, who had such high hopes for Kenichi, and drove Toshiro into a state of deep depression, all the way until his eighteenth birthday.

As stated in Kenichi’s will, Toshiro was taken to a hangar rental location on his eighteenth birthday, and shown the Vampire his brother had left him. Toshiro immediately knew what he had to do: Fix up this ship into a vessel as unique as his brother, to honor his memory. It was like hearing his brother say “Stop moping and go on with your life!” one last time.

After the completion of the Yggdrasill, Toshiro was upgraded from a Geshrin into a Yamataian, and left Yamatai, in spite of his parents’ and sisters’ protests. He didn’t want to upset his family, but he took the gift from his brother to mean that it was time to find his own way…

The first missions of the SRSS Yggdrasill were conducted alone by Toshiro, resulting in the recovery of the YSS Akina in the Albini system, and the rescue of the once-Star Army Commanding Officer Yukisato Mizuho. It was then that they went to the planet Taiie and that Mizuho was united with Kotori, the Commanding Officer of the YSS Miharu.

After that, Toshiro began assembling crew, and the adventures really began…

Currently the Yggdrasill has not only saved multiple lives, but has attained profits exceeding a million KS for its crew, and participated in contact with a new alien race, the entire time Toshiro's skills improving as a commander.

Toshiro has not only maintained the SRSS Yggdrasill; but has also designed the SRSS Alucard from a broken-down No-L1-1a - Equine Small Cargo Ship handed off to him by his first crewman, and the SRSS Leviathan from an old Sojourner-Class Medium Cargo Transport. In YE 30, he licensed a mining starship design to Yuriko Towa in exchange for a shipyard, which operated north of the Kenichi's Star system from YE 30 to YE 32. A modest number of TY-MM1-1A Hikari-Class Mining Ships have been produced, commanded by former military officers as well as various other shipmen in need of jobs during the time of relative peace. Though the fact that the Salvage and Mining fleets are separate, Toshiro prefers to stay as “Commodore” at this time in spite of the option to promote himself to “Admiral”.

Time has not only fully stocked up the shipyard with assorted materials, but allowed a fair supply of Yamataium to be “grown” from a starter culture taken from the Yggdrasill's upgraded hull. During the Second NMX war, he provided salvage and profited there while evacuating his shipyard to a more northeasterly position.

In YE 40, he would participate in massive salvage operation alongside Alex Burning and Blues Arnoul / Catharsis Black in the area to the galactic west, and earn a small fortune by salvaging Elysian, NMX, and other vessels.


Engineering: Though Toshiro does not have the most attractive job, it affords him a great deal of freedom and parts, and allows him to do something he enjoys: creating. One aspect Toshiro has over his brother is the ability to think and to express his ideas in creative ways. One would think that this would result in an artistic manifestation, but Toshiro, in spite of his creativity, is also somewhat practical. He designs things for a purpose. One such example of this work is the Yggdrasill, which while not technologically groundbreaking, has some implementations of technology that are quite custom. Toshiro’s technical skill is fairly solid, and he tends to be quite innovative, if a little unconventional at times. The Yggdrasill’s reconstruction wasn’t an easy task, but Toshiro is quite satisfied with his latest design. Toshiro, in spite of his innovative abilities, has a good deal to lean about the more advanced technology. Right now, only basic technology can be altered in any large fashion.

Technology Operation: Toshiro is well versed in several programming languages and has decent computer hardware design and networking skill. He has a great capacity for logic and efficiency, and his network designs and computer systems reflect that. He is not yet capable of making a basic artificial intelligence, but maybe someday…

Starship Operations: Toshiro, as the creator of the Yggdrasill, knows his ship. This includes how to pilot the thing, engage manual controls, navigate, and how to operate the Yggdrasill’s custom systems. He lacks formal training, however, and has had no battle experience. As such, may find himself having to improvise if placed in a position on an unconventional vessel other than a Vampire or a ship of his own design/modification. He also, though recognizing the necessity of the chain of command, has never worked for a superior for an extended amount of time.

Leadership: Toshiro already has compassion for life, intelligence, and an open mind, so there are several points for him in this regard. He loves the study of philosophy, morals, virtue, be they domestic or alien. While Toshiro isn’t the commanding figure standing at the helm of a battleship, he has no problem taking the initiative if necessary and assuming command of a critical situation. Unfortunately, he is still inexperienced, and he can still seem indecisive at times. However, his recent encounters with forming a crew and seeing a first contact scenario to its peaceful conclusion have given him a bit of experience, improving his skills.

Knowledge: As previously stated, Toshiro likes to learn as much as he can, and has a good head on his shoulders to retain such knowledge. His skills in salvage rely on this as he discovers many different types of technologies, but he has yet to learn about all the technologies out there. However, he knows when something looks odd, and will take something back and research it if he doesn’t find data on the computer system. After that, it’s up to him to repair the device, which can involve a good deal more research. He also has to know the best spots to search for salvaged parts, and quickly identify opportunity. He must also be able to remember what planets to and NOT to approach, what types of ships are enemies or not, etc. Toshiro has not learned all of these things yet, and only experience can help him there.

Medical and Science: One of the missions of the Yggdrasill is to rescue and preserve life. Because of this, knowledge of basic medical practices is essential. Toshiro is no doctor, but he knows that the spine has to be kept straight, how to apply field dressings, how to fight infections, anatomy, how to look for broken bones, treating internal bleeding, burns, depressurization, bruised organs, CPR etc, for basic humanoid races. He’d much rather have a more aware and dedicated medical person on board, but he knows enough to help give a person a fighting chance of making it to more sophisticated medical care.

Maintenance and Repair: Toshiro, in his efforts, can come into contact with a great deal of differing technologies and computer systems, representing a decent cross-section of mecha, vehicle, ship, and computer design. He studies every type of system he can, because he knows he will run into it somewhere, but he has barely scratched the surface yet, especially in the more exotic technologies. His skills are generally basic, requiring research and experience to learn of the more exotic and theoretical designs.

Language: Toshiro knows how to speak, read, and write English and Japanese, including romaji, katakana, hiragana, and kanji. He has also downloaded the Lorath Matriarchy spoken and written languages into his Yamataian mind out of necessity to communicate with Serenity, one of his crew. Lastly, he was among the very first to decode and download the Azorean language.


Current possessions

  • Vampire variant “Yggdrasill” (SRSS-000)
  • Equine variant “Alucard” (SRSS-001)
  • Forin shuttle “Helsing” (SRSS-001-1)
  • Sojourner variant “Leviathan” (SRSS-002)
  • 3 Ke-F8 vessels “Thor”, “Freya”, and “Loki” (SRSS-003, 004, and 005)
  • Geshrinari Light Frieghter
  • 5 Hikari-class Mining Ships
  • Shipyard
  • several changes of clothes
  • Kenichi's scarf
  • KS Card
  • Type 28 10mm Mass Production Pistol
  • Bullets for Type 28 10mm Mass Production Pistol
  • Type 28 NSP with green handle and with custom built YB-28A Triple-Power Magazine
  • Communicators with PDA and hologram screens

Here are the items he has on the actual ships – Yggdrasill Item Manifests


Finances - 17,365,038 KS

Serenity Fund - 1,538,950 KS

OOC Discussion

I hereby opt out of adoption. This character cannot be reused by someone else even if I am not active on the site.

Character Data
Character NameYuki Toshiro
Character OwnerToshiro
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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