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Yuki Asunana

Yuki Asunana is a NPC controlled by Kyle in the plot.

Yuki Asunana
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Female
Organization: Yamatai Star Empire
Occupation: Politician, Senator
Rank: Senator
Current Placement: Planet Anisa

Character Description

Yuuki is a twenty eight year old Yamataian with smooth white skin and long hair, she\'s kind hearted and gentle but also can be quite the bat when things bug her. She has the mind of a pacifist, but the mind of a soldier.

History and Relationship Notes

Yuki Asunana was born on Yamatai in YE 13 to a combination of a military and political family, her mother was a politican while her father was a soldier. She was mostly schooled privately by either her mother or by a tutor and rarely attended a public school, although this changed in her teenage years when her mother sent her to a private boarding school to get a bit of a social life.

Attending a boarding school wasn't something Yuki wanted to do, but it turned out to be a great idea as she became a class president and then later joined the schools student council where her mothers political side showed through on her. She graduated a few years later with high marks and entered into the political arena beside her mother as an aid, but later on, she went on to work with other people to help expand her knowledge.

Just before her twenty second birthday she went to Anisa System to continue her pursuit to help the planet, this occured a short while before the Battle of Yamatai. She wasn't on planet when new farms were being added to help deal with the sudden food crisis, but returned in the middle of YE 34 to help speed up the process.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Yamataian, Nepleslian.
  • Leadership
  • Fighting
  • Knowledge
  • Communications
  • Humanities
  • Survival and Military


Yuki Asunana has the following items:

Character Data
Character NameYuki Asunana
Character OwnerKyle
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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