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Yusentia, Lina

Yusentia, Lina is a player character played by Kyle.

Lina Yusentia
Species: NH-29
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Height: 5' 2”
Weight: 41 Kg
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Starship Operator
Rank: Shoi
Current Placement: Seventh Fleet: Laments Of The Ghost

Preferred Plots

- Seventh Fleet: Laments of the Ghost - -

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 2”
  • Mass: 41 Kg
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Lina has a muscular build with white silky skin, her arms are slightly bulging but not enough to give her the appearance of someone who body builds constantly.

Eyes and Facial Features: Has dark red eyes with a childish, more inviting, looking face.

Ears: Has cat like ears with light red in-ear fur.

Hair Color and Style: Has jet-black hair that's tied into a bonnet, occasionally, into a pony tail depending on mood.

Distinguishing Features: Has a number of digital tattoo's that resemble cuts across her face, arms, and legs as battle scars from her service in the empire.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Lina is a determined and cautiously thinking Neko who prefers thinking about a situation before jumping headlong into what could be a potentially dangerous situation. She can be quiet, and reserved when she's angry, in an effort to not vent her frustration out on others or at the risk of shooting down her CO or those above or below her.

She can be a bit aggressive and has a tendency to taunt those who challenge her, and she deeply enjoys things that challenge her mind and body. She can also quite kooky, floaty, and animated when in a very happy mood, which is where people find her to be the most childish.

Perhaps the thing that makes her standout a bit, is that she's actually the babysitting type, she's right at home taking care of others and also helping others out. This side of her came about because she often played with, and took care of, the Nayacesen children and it grew on her, she loves kids but also see's no problems helping others or taking care of them.

When alone, she meditates, and enjoys the effects of zero gravity.

  • Likes: Any type of food, weapons, kids, the unknown, fighting, quiet, meditation
  • Dislikes: Foolishness, NMX, People whom hurt children, disruptive elements, insubordinate soldiers.
  • Goals: Lina has multiple different goals that she pursues in her life, other than wanting to retire from the army at some point the future, she also wants to raise a family and live in a universe without war, although she knows this is but a pipe-dream.


Family (or Creators)

Ketsurui Zaibatsu - Creator Vioenea Yusentia – Alive Johnson Yusentia – Dead


Lina Yusentia wasn't originally a Nekovalyria, she was born as a Geshrin in YE 4, living on Yamatai where she became quite a thorn in the backsides of her parents, often times testing the limits of not only herself but also her family and their patience with her.

When she was thirteen, she ran away from home, presumably due to the harsh treatment of her family and that she wanted to see what was out in the universe. She meet up with the owner of the Kozan Maru, the Nayacesen Family owned mining vessel. For a full week she attempted to convince the owner, Marloke Nayacesen, to let her become part of the crew. However, Marloke wouldn't allow it as she was to young and he was worried that if he let her aboard he could get in-trouble with the Yamatai Star Empire.

In order to set these concerns to rest, Lina made the reluctant choice to return to her family, her return was as she had expected. Her father treated her harshly, berating her for running away and intended to keep her isolated in her home. Her mother, on the other hand, was a bit more inviting and listened to her requests.

For almost a month she couldn't leave her home, for fear that her father might do something to her; this was complicated by how she couldn't go to the police either for assistance as her father had ties within the Yamatai National Police. Finally toward the end of June in YE 17, she was able to get away from her father’s heavy handedness, with the assistance of not only her mother but also supporters of her mother as well.

She journeyed alone for close to four months, arriving at an undisclosed station located close to an active mining belt. While on this station, she was found herself and somewhat nervous, being that she was only a thirteen year old girl. Although she tried to stay out of trouble, trouble soon found her in the form of several pirates who cornered her and wanted to sell her off as a child slave for use as labor.

These plans were thwarted, however, with Marloke Nayacesen 'supposedly' stumbled upon the girl and the pirates, taking them out along with the help of his son - Takeyu Nayacesen, who was barely ten years old at the time.

After being saved, she joined the crew of the Kozan Maru where she served up into YE 30 as the ships pilot. Although young, her youth actually made it easier for her to understand how to fly a ship, where she showed up many of the Kozan's senior pilots. Her tenure as crewmen was elevated to that of an officer in only a few short years.

Learning how to fly a large ship was a challenge to her, one she very much welcomed and enjoyed due to her insistence on a challenge. Flying the ship through asteroid fields, or close to a sun, or even skimming the upper atmosphere of a planet in order to evade pirates or raiders. But her greatest enjoyment, was outrunning corrupted police officers whose intent was to extort money and resources for protection. It was during YE 29 that Lina discovered that her savior had actually located her on the station due to a contact Marloke had, which had been keeping tabs on her since she had first meet him.

However, things changed after YE 30, when the Kozan Maru was captured by pirates and some of its crew taken, Lina managed to remain hidden long enough to cause some damage to ship - rendering it incapable of being used by the pirates. Once they left, she fled to the ships only other shuttle and used it to escape the system and eventually made her way to a Yamataian World.

Toward the end of YE 30, she joined the Yamataian Military for the sake of fighting for what she felt was justice, revenge was originally something on her mind but that kind of thinking gradually went away. It wasn't the middle of YE 32 did she discover that the son of Marloke Nayacesen had survived the capture by pirates, and there she learned about Layven's capture and Sakura's death.

She blamed herself for several months, until her CO got through to her that trying to fight off over a hundred pirates on her own wasn't going to earn her any rewards except a quick death. Later, she would discover that Layven was still alive, and in YE 33, was rescued by the YSS Eucharis. Although she had very little contact with Takeyu, she gave support to him and his family behind the scenes, never letting her presence be known as a way of showing herself to be a hidden angel. In early YE 33, she found out about her father’s death at the hands of pirates, she didn't feel too much remorse, given how heavy handed her father was, but she mourned his loss in her own way.

She served aboard a Plumeria-Class Gunship during her time up until YE 33, during which the Battle of Yamatai occurred and the ship she served on was destroyed.

Although she survived the destruction thanks to an escape pod, her pod was critically damaged after it landed on the surface of Yamatai, her body was further wrecked by NMX Soldiers when she attempted to fight them off from her pod, only several hours after the battle near death.

In order to keep her alive, she was transferred into an NH-29H body, as it was a request noted in her file to do so if her Geshrin body was ever damaged beyond the point where healing it would've been futile. Because of this, she was reborn as a Nekovalyria, much of her personality was retained though she decided that acting more like a teenager was in her best interests as a way of making herself seem more inviting, and also as a means of potentially hiding her past in order to catch her enemies off guard. Shortly after this, she was promoted to the rank of Shoi, but while waiting for her new assignment, she spent some time around the Nayacesen children but made them promise not to tell Takeyu about this, presumably so that he wouldn't get distracted.

Then, toward the middle of YE 34, she got her new duty-station. During the yera she was stationed briefly aboard the YSS Genesis, getting to know the Princess in-charge and some of the crew before being mysteriously transferred off ship and to another duty station - something she hadn't expected. In YE 35 she found herself assigned to the 7th Fleet.



Lina learned a lot of her communications skills thanks in large part to her mother, and to a lesser degree, her father. However, when she joined up on the Kozan, she learned many of the freelancer type communications abilities such as hiding comm. signals within another signal to hide its true origin.

Because of her recent transition into a Nekovalkyria body, she also knows how to communicate wirelessly as part of her bodies functions.

She’s fluent in Yamataian and Neplesia, but is always looking for more languages to learn.

Technology operation

She knows various types of computer systems and different kinds of technology, both old and new. She’s fluent in the Kessaku OS and can operate it easily without issues. She is also at home with operating older style operating systems found used mostly in freelancer work or outside the Empire.


Originally, Lina barely possessed elementary level math’s thanks to her isolation and inability to attend school, but this changed after she was able to get out on her own, learning calculus, pre-algebra and algebra.


Thanks to the fights she often got into with her father, but also because of freelancer employment, she is at home with fighting hand to hand or with a melee weapon. She can also use grenades and energy weapons but also pilot power armor.

Starship Operations

Her tenure as a pilot aboard the Kozan Maru proved to be her educational platform for flight training and the way of operating large oversized craft through small areas, she later refined her skills board a Plumeria Gunship, but is always looking for more.

Because of this, she can chart courses on a map, is intelligent in terms of astronomy and stellar cartography.


Lina learned during her time as a child, on the Kozan, and later in the military about the various laws and customs of many nations along with their history. Knowing about her enemies has always been her greatest strength but also knowing about the past so she doesn’t potentially repeat it is also part of her mentality.

She knows Yamatai’s history, along with that of Neplesia and their corresponding laws and regulations.


It might be odd to find someone who is capable of cooking despite working on a ships bridge most of her life. Cooking was a hobby that Lina quickly developed into a passion, she knows how to cook all sorts of meals though is always looking to experiment, however, her skills as a cook meant she knew what kind of ingredients to use and which one’s she shouldn’t use.


Lina Yusentia has the following items:


Lina Yusentia is currently a Shoi in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2250 KS 750 Bought Tamahagane Ta-W1-3a - Katana (Advanced)
0450 KS 1,800 Bought Isolated Computer Pad
Character Data
Character NameYusentia, Lina
Character OwnerKyle
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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