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Advancer Enterprises

Logo Here
Company Statistics
Established YE 37
Employees 100~
Associated FactionsIndependent, Yamatai Star Empire
Headquarters Tatiana
Nomenclature IDAE- or ADEN-
Specialization Service and Pharmaceutical
Nicknames Advancer, AdEnterprises

About Advancer

Founded in YE 38, Advancer Enterprises is a newly formed commercial enterprise that specializes in the pharmaceutical and medical divisions, with a small food service division. The corporation was organized from a combination of wealthy backers and investors, as well as small pharmaceutical and human enhancement laboratories who wished to pool resources and collaborate on their work to produce new and cost effective treatments for various ailments while also improving the human condition.

Advancer's main headquarters, research facilities, and medical hospital are located in Tatiana's main city, nestled in one of the more Nepleslian dominated portions of the city. The main HQ takes up the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors of an office building, and handles business transactions and the day to day running of the corporation. Nearby is the corporation's small medical facility, where in-patient procedures and medical research are carried out within a private gated hospital and rest facility. The remainder of the corporation's facilities are located in an orbital annex, where a small 0g factory complex houses a manufacturing facility and shipping warehouse.

Corporate Goals

  • To Develop and deliver the best possible medical technology and treatments possible
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • Advancer will at all times promote an atmosphere of multiculturalism and multinational cooperation.


  • Mechanics - The Mechanics Division of Advancer Enterprises is oriented around the development of new medical machinery, creating better ways of making the machines that treat patients.
  • Advanced Medical - The Advanced Medical Division is the largest and currently most well funded of Advancer's three divisions. The AM sections spearheads research and development in new medical technologies to turn theories into reality.
  • Service - The Service Division is currently the smallest of the three Divisions, and is oriented around managing and supplying Advancer's food and medical service locations than developing new technologies.


  • Tatiana Facilities
    • Main Headquarters
    • Treatment Hospital
    • Factory Complex


Products and Components



Pharmaceutical Machinery

Advanced Medical


Nanomachine Strains


  • Advancer TIN System - A combination of machine interface and wireless communication system, to give normal humans and Nepleslians some of the capabilities of Nekovalkyrja.
  • Advancer Iron Bone Enhancement - Increase muscle strength and stamina for burst and sustained necessities. Increase structural strength of skeleton.

Medical Procedures

Product Category


Product Category

In Development

Medical technology

  • Defensive Nanite System - a subdermal layer of nanites and a non-newtonian fluid that hardens when a charge is applied, which the nanites do in response to damage.
  • neural_reaction_booster - an enhancement to the body's nervous system that boosts its reflexes to a massive degree, but causes a build up of neural 'static' that limits operational time.
  • wetware_plate - wetware defensive plates implanted underneath the skin to protect the user from damage
  • wetware_propulsion - Implanted inertial control technology
  • limiter - special system that shuts off the body and mind's mental limiters meant to prevent damage. Allows the user to call on more of their physical capabilities but damages the body in the process.
  • Memory Backup: Create soul storage implant on body that is constantly updated from the user's own memories. Also include secure soul storage that updates once a week. When killed, if backup implant is intact use contents to resurrect user; if not use the secure backup.
  • rejuvenation - A medical treatment that reduces the physical age of the user to their equivalent of 18, or whichever they wish.
  • mobility_skin - A specially developed skintight suit, intended to be worn under Power Armor or unpowered armor or space suits. Combines an all over layer of nanomuscle to boost strength to levels approaching that of a Person in Power Armor with various life support functionalities such as waste recycling.


On Hold


Berhane Ezana Aseri Nepleslian, Chief Operating Officer Personality: Gruff and businesslike, with no tolerance for shady business or illegal activities. Notes: Former Mining foreman on Nepleslia, brings a strong sense of ethics and β€œGet it Done” to his position as Chief Operating Officer. Appearance: A dark skinned Nepleslian man, with a strong bearlike body with strong aged lines belaying his 50 years of age, gained after years of working in mines.


ReasonDeposit/Withdrawal Amount Total after Transaction
Initial Deposit +100,000 KS 100,000 KS
Loan +500,000 KS 600,000 KS
Facility Construction & Rental - 300,000 KS 300,000 KS
YE 37 Net Profit +200,000 KS 500,000 KS
E 38 Q1 Donations -100,000 KS 400,000 KS
YE 38 Net Profit +400,000 KS 900,000 KS
YE 39-40 Net Profit + 12,000,000 KS 12,900,000 KS

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