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Delivery Nanites

Developed in YE 38 by Advancer Enterprises, Delivery Nanites are a new form of ensuring that pharmaceuticals achieve maximum effect when delivered. These Nanites are hollow and programmable, designed to encapsulate a drug and deliver it to the precise point in the body where it is needed before dissolving in the bloodstream. This sort of targeted medicine delivery, when coupled with other methods, allow for a massive increase in patient livability in certain instances.

How Delivery Nanites Work

In form and function, Delivery Nanites are incredibly simple and intuitive. The nanites are constructed in batch at the molecular level, composed of a combination of inorganic atoms and organic molecules that work together to perform a task. Each nanite is essentially a relatively rugged bubble capable of steering itself through the body's circulatory system, with an organic sensor capable of detecting where in the body it is based on chemical and thermal signals.

The Nanites are injected or ingested by a patient and enter into the bloodstream as normal, traveling through it till they reach the correct spot to release whatever drug they carry. Once the payload is released, the nanites begin apoptosis, self destructing into component atoms to be ejected by the body as waste.


Because they are simply a delivery method for other drugs, Delivery Nanites are safe and healthy for the most part. The main issue is that like all nanomachines, a small portion of the population will have allergic reactions to the nanites, ranging from minor reactions to anaphylaxis. Fortunately, another predicted danger would be that extant nanites in the body would reject the delivery nanites; this problem was fortunately revealed to be overblown by extensive testing: extant nano and femtomachines did not react adversely with the Delivery Nanites.


Delivery Nanites are incredibly inexpensive in comparison to the cost of various drugs, allowing them to be implanted into dosages of various drugs for a very low cost. The nanites are so inexpensive to make that selling them in single dose batches actually loses the company money.

  • Cost: 1 KS for 100 doses worth of Nanites.

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