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Advancer TIN System

Created by Advancer Enterprises in YE 38 after a period or R&D that proved fruitful, the Advancer TIN (Telepathy, Interface, & Neural Lace) System is a series of cooperating implants and nanomachines that give a human recipient empathic and telepathic capabilities similar to Nekovalkyrja and some rare empathic individuals. The resulting product provides wider functionality to humans, allowing them to co-exist in societies where it is assumed all individuals have some form of psionic capacity. The System also gives greater connectivity and functionality, adding a neural lace that can be used as a backbone for direct integration of synthetic devices and implants to the patient's brain, while also providing them with a neural interface system.

How the Telepathic Implant System Works

The Telepathic Implant System is a series of multiple interconnected implants that work together to achieve a set of mutually related effects. The System is in total composed of three separate implants: a subdermal series of semi-organic nodes used for telepathic empathy; a Neural Lace that binds with the brain to allow for wireless communication and seamless wireless neural interfacing, and a neural interface port in the base of the neck. Each component subsystem contains clusters of synthetic cells that use Cellular respiration to provide power, in total requiring the patient to increase caloric intake by 15%.

Subdermal Empathic Transceiver Network

The Subdermal Empathic Transceiver Network(SETN) is one of the main components of the entire system, and is used to give the implanted a sort of touch based empathy that allows them directly feel the nervous impulses and emotions of another sapient with a similar system within 10 centimeters. The SETN is a series of small, almost dime sized bundles of artificial nervous tissues mixed with synthetic components, linked together and to the main nervous system by additional nervous cells.

There are a number of additional functionalities granted by the SETN aside from the empathy, chief among the the ability to leech emotions from others within range. The other major additional function is the added connectivity with non-invasive neural interfaces given by the implant; users with the SETN report increased responsiveness with neural probes. Further study has shown that the increase in responsiveness is measurable at around 50%.

Neural Lace

The Neural Lace is an ultrafine flexible mesh of semi-organic electronic fibers that serves to give the patient natural wireless communications ability alongside the ability to both use wireless neural interfaces and link other synthetic implants directly to their brain. The Neural Lace is flexible and will in most cases not be rejected by the body; instead the brain's nerves grow around the lace, connecting it to the brain organically. From then on, other synthetic implants can be linked to the Lace when needed.

The Neural Lace allows for thought activated Wireless communication up to a range of 10 kilometers, and wireless neural interface with a range of up to 10 meters.

Spinal Wired Neural Interface Port

Implanted in the small of the recipient's back, the Spinal Wired Neural Interface Port is a egalitarian and streamlined wired interface, with inspirations from SPINE. The implant takes the form of a small, covered port in the small of the recipient's back that can be open or closed to allow the user to interface directly with computer systems. The design is intended to be universal and compatible with most common systems, most notably SPINE.

The Spinal Wired Neural Interface Port also serves a secondary purpose, acting as a hive for the repair and maintenance nanites of the Telepathic Implant System.

Telepathic Implant System Maintenance Nanites

These Maintenance nanites are a set of semi-organic molecular machines that are dispersed throughout the body, acting to constantly repair and perform regular maintenance on the components of the Telepathic Implant System. These Nanites are maintained and constructed within the body by a Nanomachine Hive implanted on the patient's spinal column.


Implantation of the Telepathic Implant system is a simple in-patient procedure. The patient is initially sedated and rendered unconscious, whereupon Surgical Nanites are injected alongside the raw materials needed to construct the SETN and Neural Lace. Afterwards, the open body surgery begins as the Spinal Wired Interface Port is installed, grafted into the spinal column at the small of the back alongside a Nanite Hive.

In total, the procedure takes four hours to be performed successfully, with the body needing up to a week to properly integrate the implant and get used to it.

Dangers of the Telepathic Implant System

While a functional and useful medical system, the TIN Systemhas a number of dangers and vulnerabilities that can have adverse affects on anyone with it. Chief among them is how the TIN System increases the user's sensitivity to psionic attacks and probing. The sensitivity of the both transceivers included in the system will take a few days to properly adjust and calibrate themselves, putting the user at risk during the first week or so of sensory overload.


  • Full System Cost: 2500 KS

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