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Koga's Palace

Koga's Palace is a place for people of all walks of life to have an Akemi's burger, fries, and an Usoda 1). There are things on the menu such as poutine, mac'n'cheese, steak, etc. The music played is always a mashup of classic country 2). There is no other station Koga's Palace will play. The general theme of Koga's Palace, though, varies location to location, much like its predecessor. It is based out of Yamatai following Koga Akemi receiving a business license in the great nation.

More About Koga's Palace

Koga's Palace is a business subsidiary of the conglomerate Akemi's Umbrella, branched under the fast food business chain, Akemi's.

Akemi's is known for a lot of things, but what the franchise is not known for is being fun for the whole family. The reality of the situation is that the word “family” was already in Koga Akemi's repertoire. He was born and always would be a Nekovalkyrja and, to him, that meant he was born into a family, albeit one with faults and cracks. But it was family. There was no reason for him to exclude the concept of family from his business life any longer, so in YE 40 he expanded his sights to creating a subsidiary of Akemi's that was family-friendly.

Each location is different and depends on the region. One in The Kingdom of Neshaten may be dressed up and ornate in order to appeal to their senses while one in Iromakuanhe may be have walls of deep colored quartz with clean teal lines woven throughout the organic architecture. A Yamataian restaurant will resemble simple Yamataian senses of traditional design, though this includes a wide variety of aesthetics in and of itself. Nepleslian locations may likely be rough and tumble but don't have that edge a bar or brothel has.

The company has had a lot of PR put into it and the openings are staggered in order for Akemi to attend each one. Thank goodness for Nekovalkyrja stamina. 3) The advertising does not feature him but features families enjoying meals and trying to play with the mascot, Watamote.


Watamote is a very weary-looking, almost humanoid, egg with a pink yolk and perpetual blush. Watamote is very easy to relate to because of their lazy and intensely naive demeanor. 4) Scenes with Watamote are often about lifting Watamote's spirits, which is easy to do when Koga's Palace is nearby.

The logo for Koga's Palace differs from the Akemi's Umbrella logo.

It is simply a two-tone light and dark pink 3D stylizing of the restaurant's name!


“Koga's Palace for Life!”

General Information

Koga's Palace
CEO Koga Akemi
Faction Yamatai
Product Symbol KP


The headquarters for Akemi's Umbrella also acts as a place of work for the white collar workers of Koga's Palace at Sanran Station. The blue collar sector of workers generally works out of all of the stations Akemi owns and operates. The “black-collar” workers or those that work directly within the restaurants are located throughout the sector at the various locations.


There are currently only ten thousand locations across the Kikyō Sector and more are slated to be built this YE.


The majority of the company structure is made up of parts and pieces of Akemi's Umbrella working on parts of the process to keep Koga's Palace functioning. The rest of the cogs, so to speak, are made up of managers of individual stores and regions, which are an important part of the framework for the company.


The menu is below:

  • 2 KS/ 4 DA - Burger combo (classic burger, shoestring fries, and an Usoda )
  • 3 KS/ 6 DA - Steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans/ peas
  • 2 KS/ 4 DA - Mac'n'cheese
  • +1 KS/ 2 DA - Add meat
  • 2 KS/ 4 DA - Poutine
  • 3 KS/ 6 DA - Salmon teriyaki bowl
  • 3 KS/ 6 DA - Lamb combo (half a rack of lamb, tater-tots, and mushroom salad)
  • 1 KS/ 2 DA - Corn dog
  • 1 KS/ 2 DA - Hot dog

OOC Notes

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Burger eating cutie done by 8075952

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Pronounced Ooh! Soda!!
OOC: 1930-50's era
Akemi has recently taken up more body weight exercises to become stronger than Uso, which he will do within the year according to estimates.
Watamote is an unfertilized egg and has no gender, despite being mostly pink.

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