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Tenth Life

Tenth Life is a music production company that was founded by Koga Akemi in YE 40 and backed by Akemi's Umbrella that is composed of a multitude of singers, songwriters, producers, and so on.

About Tenth Life

Tenth Life is a venture that brings collaborative artists into one net. It is a way for new rising stars to make their voices heard far and wide. They broadcast over the InterNep, SYNC,, and Polysentience, and other forms of media in other faction's space. It was founded with the idea that music should be seen and heard by as many as possible, that artists should have creative outlets, and that the people of the many factions of the Kikyō Sector and beyond deserve the best, which is what Tenth Life strives to give. There are several artists and bands that are on retainer, but KOgama is the one closest to Akemi's heart, as it is his own pop duo that he is a part of!

The logo for this is the same as that of Akemi's Umbrella:


“Bringing Music to Life!”

General Information

Tenth Life
CEO Koga Akemi
Faction Independent
Product Symbol 10L


The headquarters for the company is Tengoku Station.


Tenth Life has the ability to commit work to happen at Tengoku Station, but it does does spill over to other stations owned by Akemi's Umbrella and each station has new music production facilities installed.


Tenth Life collects and distributed performance and broadcast fees to composers, artists, producers, and managers, as well as the others that work to make Tenth Life music all that it can be. Accountants and lawyers are pulled from Akemi's Umbrella.


Songs are sold on records and singles over all forms of media. Broadcasts of live and past performances are distributed, as well. Tickets to music events are sold for all of the artists.

Current Projects

Below are the current projects/groups:

Past Products and Projects

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