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BIGGUNS' Gun Mart is a chain store located all throughout the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. It was started out of a need and, moreso, a want for small arms and rifles, shotguns and more in Nespleslia.

About BIGGUNS' Gun Mart

BIGGUNS' Gun Mart was founded in part due to the ever-increasing desire of all Nepleslians to have a veritable arsenal to their name. It was founded in YE 39 by Fred Bigguns, a reputable and up front man of worth in the harsh world that surrounds him. He served in the military for several years before retiring. He found himself helping out a friend on the weekends with a gun store they owned. He worked for his friend for a few years before his friend sold his business and Fred Bigguns no longer had his part-time pleasure job to keep him occupied.

And, so, he opened up one of his own. He began with one store in early YE 39 and soon, branched off to more than a half dozen.

The BIGGUNS' Gun Mart logo is a large green circle flanked by two smaller ones with the word BIGGUNS' smack dab in the center.


β€œAt BIGGUNS' Gun Mart Fill Your Cart!”

General Information

CEO Fred Bigguns
Faction Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Product Symbol BG


The BIGGUNS' headquarters is a store still manned by Fred in Funky City. It is sprawling and vast. The motto truly applies when at this location, though some others are nearly as big. The aisles are wide due to the heavy traffic and there are racks upon racks of guns to choose from inside.

When Fred isn't crunching the numbers in the back, he comes out to greet as many guests as he possibly can. The headquarters is furnished well with potted palms in the corners and predominantly rust-red, cream, and, of course, the ubiquitous green of the logo that is plastered almost everywhere.


Location Description Employees
Nepleslia Prime Four stores exist on Nepleslia Prime Handpicked employees and those from Fred's circle of friends
System P1-9 "Fortuna" Three locations exist in Fortuna Ex employees of the gun store Fred used to work for and some new hires
Funky City Two locations other than the Headquarters Handpicked employees


BIGGUNS' Gun Mart specializes in… Guns!!

Current Products and Projects

Below is a list of specific weaponry sold by BIGGUNS' Gun Mart:

As well as more generic versions of all of these:

  • Handguns: Handheld, small caliber weapons where the chamber is an integral part of the barrel. There is also the Revolver, which delivers its ammunition to the barrel via a rotating cylinder. The semi automatic uses a magazine for fast reloading and quicker fire rate, however has a higher possibility to jam.
  • Submachine guns: A small, automatic carbine that fires small caliber rounds (pistol ammunition).
  • Shotgun: Fires a shell that contains numerous smaller projectiles or a solid projectile called a slug. There are multiple types; breach load (where you manually place the shell into the barrel), over under (where there are two barrels laid onto of one another and breach loaded), pump action (or slide-action firearm is one in which a forend can be moved forward and backward in order to eject a spent shell and to chamber a new one.)
  • Ammunition for all of the above.

OOC Notes

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