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An integrated coilgun designed for Egwene Tai's Ursarus Heavy Support Drone, since taking a weapon to a weapon's demonstration without a weapon is kinda dumb. Designed, made and sold the same period as the Ursarus, YE 42.

About the Bjornskald

The Bjornskald was designed to solve Egwene's issues of needing reliable anti-tank weaponry in the Ursarus. Having a specific idea in mind, she designed a two-step weapon system, one for manned armour and one for unmanned armour. Given that it is an integrated weapon never designed to be used outside of integration, it looks nothing like any normal coilgun.

Nomenclature Information

  • Designer: Egwene Tai
  • Manufacturer: Black Wing Enterprises
  • Name: Bjornskald
  • Nomenclature: BW-O1-W4100
  • Type: Magnetic Coil Propulsion
  • Role: Anti-Armour Coilgun
  • Length: The coil wraps around the inside of the mouth of the Ursarus, while auxiliary systems are built into the Drone itself, making an accurate length hard to depict.
  • Weight: The components together weigh roughly 27-31kg (60-70lb), but are installed into the Ursarus, making their weight a moot point.


An integrated weapon, the appearance of the Bjornskald is very underwhelming. A length of magnetically charged wire built into the Ursarus' mouth and support components to ensure extended activity makes this weapon just a bunch of parts when outside of the Ursarus and a bunch of parts installed into a giant bear drone inside of it.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: No muzzle flash
  • Retort: A loud BOOM as the projectile reaches velocity.
  • Effective Range: 4km in atmosphere, effectively unlimited in space.
  • Rate of Fire: The Bjornskald can fire one round every three seconds, though the Precision nature of the weapon means it rarely fits its maximum rate.
  • Recoil: The recoil is enough to break a person were it to be an instantaneous crack of chemical propellent. The prolonged 'push' of magnetic acceleration reduces the ultimate effect on a person, but still would be hard for an unaugmented to deal with.

Ammunition (Or 'Energy Source' if applicable)

  • Ammunition: Bjornskald Rounds
  • Purpose: Tier 7 (Light Anti-Mecha)
  • Round Capacity: The Bjornskald can carry a hundred darts if the storage component is full, though often deploys with half that due to the specialized and precision based style of fire meaning it's rate of fire is low and scarcely continuous. The energy reservoir that it draws from can sustain ten shots before running dry. Though the Bjornskald can draw from the main reactor for its power, the sheer demand of the gun strains that without the reservoir. The risk of overheating is non-existent due to the low rate of fire and internal heatsinks.

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: The Bjornskald has an internal autoloader that loads the next dart in three seconds after the first dart has been fired.
  • Loading: The Bjornskald itself has an autoloader, but the ammo it draws from comes from the internal component that is easily accessed.
  • Mode Selector: The Bjornskald is fired remotely on command from the controller.
  • Firing Modes: The precision demands and rate of fire enforce the Bjornskald to single shot only.
  • Weapon Sight: The weapon itself has no sight, and is instead fired remotely on command from the controller.


The Bjornskald can be purchased as an optional integration of the Ursarus Heavy Drone for 1000KS

Bjornskald Rounds Production cost sits around 200KS for a 100 darts.

OOC Notes

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