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Torrent MPR

The Torrent Mechanized Plasma Repeater is a plasma weapon developed by the New Dusk Conclave's Black Wing Enterprises in YE 41 as part of a cooperative effort with Osman Heavy Industries. It was originally developed as a rifle for the VF-41 Sparrowhawk, though it is fully capable of being used on ship turrets or on vehicles.

About the Torrent MPR

The Torrent MPR was developed in YE 41 as a part of the NDC's contribution to the VF-41 project. Its purpose was to serve as an anti-mecha and anti-fighter weapon for the fighter, though in testing it served adequately in an anti-small-ship role, proving capable of doing damage to small ships and shuttles with strafing runs.

Key Features

The Torrent was, while designed initially for use on the VF-41 Sparrowhawk, the weapon's designers found the design flexible enough to be easily reconfigured for use on other platforms, such as armored vehicles, ships, and stationary defenses. In addition to that reconfigurability, the original design of the Torrent, for use on the Sparrowhawk, made it able to collapse its stock, barrel, and handle for easy use on the flanks of the Sparrowhawk's fighter mode, making it not dissimilar to the gunpod style weapon used by the U-1.

  • Reconfigurable to fit other platforms after purchase1)
  • Collapsible stock, barrel, and handle for easy use in the fighter mode of the VF-41
  • Can purchase only operation necessary components

Nomenclature Information


Though the appearance of the Torrent MPR can vary based on its mounting, in its original configuration it resembled a rifle with a roughly rectangular barrel.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: A blue plume, shaped like a raindrop hitting the ground.
  • Retort: A whining sound as the weapon warms up, followed a thumping sound as it fires
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: Blue streaks, similar to tracers.
  • Effective Range: 10 km in atmosphere, 100,000 km in space
  • Rate of Fire: 600 rpm
  • Recoil: A steady push backward, light per individual shot.

Energy source

  • Ammunition: Plasma fed from the parent machine, or an internal plasma core
  • Purpose: Tier 7, light anti-mecha
  • Round Capacity: Unlimited while fed from the parent unit, with the capacity to fire 300 rounds consecutively2) before overheat, which requires a 10 second cooldown period. 600 rounds when fed from the internal plasma core, with identical overheat restrictions, before the core must be replaced3).

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: When firing, the Torrent draws plasma from either its internal plasma core or the plasma feed channels of its parent craft, compresses that plasma into a packet within the firing chamber, and then accelerates it down the barrel.
  • Loading: During normal operation, the Torrent is fed from the plasma feed channels of a parent craft or vehicle, but can be fed by its internal plasma core to provide ammunition as well. This plasma core is located in the rear of the weapon, or the stock, when in a rifle configuration, and can be reloaded by opening up the stock and replacing the core.
  • Mode Selector: Firing mode is selected from the parent unit, usually by a selector switch.
  • Firing Modes: The Torrent is designed to fire in a fully automatic manner. The only modes it has are safe and armed.
  • Safety Mechanism: When the safety is on, the feed valves to the firing chamber are disengaged mechanically.
  • Weapon Sight: The weapon is usually aimed by a digital gunsight within the parent unit.



  • Torrent MPR: 30,000 DS, 7,500 KS
  • Barebones version4): 25,500 DS, 6,375 KS

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • Barrel: 7,000 DS, 1,750 KS
  • Firing chamber: 10,000 DS, 2,500 KS
  • Feed assembly: 8,500 DS, 2,125 KS
  • Outer body assembly: 4500 DS, 1125 KS

OOC Notes

Alex Hart created this article on 2019/10/12 20:43.

Approved by Syaoran on 1/26/2020

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: vehicle mounted
Product NameTorrent Plasma Repeater
ManufacturerBlack Wing Enterprises
Year ReleasedYE 41
Price (KS)7โ€ฏ,500.00 KS
Mass (kg)2,500 kg
Do not attempt to reconfigure without a qualified weaponsmith or technician's help
Or within 30 seconds of the user beginning to fire
No outer body assembly

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