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Mineral Scanner

Created and manufactured by the Mining Guild, with help from the Department Of Engineering for mass production requirements, beginning at the middle of YE 41, the current users are primarily the Mining Guild, but NDC and independent Starships can be equipped.. This is included in Mining Guild Equipment

Designer: Aeta Kurosaki, Nyx Pine, Engineers
Nomenclature: n/a
Manufacturer: Mining Guild, Department Of Engineering
Fielded by:


After the formation of the Mining Guild, the Guild knew they needed help with searching for deposits to mine in order to fill a need. Aeta and Nyx Pine debated and discussed, and they brought Engineers to the table to discuss the problem, until finally on a bright Weekend morning, they came up with the Mineral Scanner, then hey had to discuss the height and width of the device, and had to agree on whether or not it should be handheld or simply something added to a vehicle like a starship. They decided on, both because of the fact the item could be useful to both individuals on the ground and those on a Starship.

Function and Design

The Mineral scanner in either form is made of a chrome steel alloy, with the function to penetrate the surfaces of terrestrial worlds, or asteroids in order to detect the mineral deposits at the location of scanning point in order to prevent Miners from digging random areas that don’t have the materials and causing destruction.

The hand held version can only scan for Minerals 10 feet in front of the user, while the Star ship version can scan for 300 kilometers [180 miles] while in the atmosphere of a planet. When the scanner finds a rich deposition, it shows a graph with the level amount of any Minerals that were scanned.


The scanner appears to be covered in an almost reflective silver material, and when touched it gives a smooth feeling to the touch. Due in part to the decisions of the group that created the Mineral Scanner, there is two versions of this.

The Hand held version of the Mineral scanner, is about the size of an assault rifle the equivalent of an Ak 47 rifle, in terms of length from back to front, but with a wider oval shape from the side to side. The control panel is located dead center at the back, with screws that allow the panel to be closed when not in use for protection. Beneath the hand held scanner is the handles, allowing one person to hold it with one hand, and operate the device, or two people, one to hold one to operate. The scanning part appeared to have a greenish X on it.

The Starship version.

The Starship version of the Mineral scanner is a great deal larger than the handheld version, and much like the handheld version it too has an oval shape to it, in hopes that the Engineers crawling around it won’t accidentally fall down and get hurt by it's edges. It's size meant that people won't be able to use handles so it doesn’t have any. It’s a snug fit at the bottom of the ship snug with the other machines.

Extended Info

Starship version uses a scalar transducers to send a Scalar Field out in a 180° arc. The scanner then analyzes the phase shift of the reflected energy to identify Ores. The range is 300 meters, and it shows up on a screen in a graph that shows how rich something was in certain types of ores. Sometimes the graph shows something at a extremely high rate, so the system can use the Starships drones into deploying a an orbital multistatic grid of 100 radar-emitting drones, which delivers a global Digital Elevation Model (DEM) at 15 meters per pixel (mpp) resolution.

At slower scanning and rendering speed, The Scanners can resolve down to an astonishing 0.001 - millimeter per pixel - ideal for geological and biological prospecting, archaeological research, and possibly even long-term security surveillance.


Primarily the Mining Guild is the source where one can get their hands on the Mining Scanner, it’s a part of their standard equipment. Thanks to the aid of the Department of Engineering, it is Mass-produced as well, but it is preferred that the Scanner stays with the New Dusk Conclave though businesses that the New Dusk Conclave is a client of could be spoken with to buy the scanners.

  • Recommended Retail Prices
    • is a ball park between 3-5k DS

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