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CSW-S1-S1 "Ancile" Multi-Layer Shield System

The CSW-S1-S1 โ€œAncileโ€ is a multi-field shield system that relies on layers of electrostatic, electromagnetic, gravitic, and exotic fields to provide protection to the ships within it.

Introduced in YE 42 by Conclave Ship Works, the โ€œAncileโ€ is designed for craft and vessels Tier 8 and larger.

Designer: Conclave Ship Works
Nomenclature: CSW-S1-S1
Manufacturer: Conclave Ship Works
Fielded by: New Dusk Conclave


The โ€œAncileโ€ shield system was developed to advance the New Dusk Conclave's defensive capabilities. The existing Paladin Barrier System had been sufficient as a protective measure against traditional sources of damage, but could fall short against non-traditional sources of damage such as phased attacks or gravity-based weaponry.

It builds upon the original Paladin Barrier System and leverages much of the same technology.

Function and Design

Rather than completely reinvent the wheel, CSW's engineers decided to create a layered shield system that would place a number of shields with different purposes in close proximity to each other. The shields are layered in such a way that each field does not negatively impact the shield adjacent to it. In this manner, the Ancile provides a diverse range of protections to the craft or starship within it. An Ancile shield system effectively protects against all known forms of attack within the system's ability to withstand.

The standard Ancile system utilizes nine zones of defense. Two hemispheres, top and bottom, are divided into four sections representing bow, stern, port, and starboard sides of the vessel. The ninth zone is a small circle in the top hemisphere, typically no more than 6 meters in diameter for a capital ship, that can be easily disabled for observation purposes. These zones are placed relatively close to the ship's hull commonly in a way commonly referred to as 'conformal'.

The Ancile's careful balance of shield layers limits its ability to change its shape. As such, the shield operates in a conformal mode only.

Dynamic Power Balancing System (DPBS)

The outermost layer of the Ancile is a weak field that is used to detect fluctuations in local space. It offers no protection capabilities of its own, but significant portions of the system's processing capabilities are detected to monitoring the field for changes. When combined with the ship's robust sensor system and powerful AI processors, the Ancile's DPBS can dynamically strengthen shields in areas that need it the most. This strengthening happens near-instantaneously and is capable of responding to even light-based attacks.

Ship crew can adjust the focus of the shields manually, if they so wish, to enhance the shield's defensive potential against specific types of attack.

The DPBS can disable zones of the shield entirely, if appropriate, without interfering with the operation of other zones of the shield.

Gravitic Shroud

The most potent application of the Ancile is the Gravitic Shroud. A complex interweaving of the Ancile's various shield layers creates an extremely powerful gravity bubble around the vessel that effectively warps space to an extent that light, sensor waves, most solid objects, and more pass around the bubble and emerge on the other side along their normal trajectory. This renders the contents of the bubble effectively invisible to the majority of detection systems.

The gravity signature of the Shroud is designed to rapidly fall off at long distances. Gravity-based sensor systems within 1000km of an active Gravitic Shroud are able to detect the gravity 'wake' of a large passing object; beyond this distance the Ancile's Shroud obfuscation systems effectively render the wake nondetectable.

Unlike systems that attempt to create an alternate reality pocket, vessels within the Gravitic Shroud remain within normal space. The interior of the bubble is affected in much the same way as the outside. This prevents light, attacks, and even propulsion from within the bubble from reaching outside of the bubble in an effective manner. Any existing inertia remains in place.

The Gravitic Shroud cannot be used within planetary atmosphere without catastrophic consequences for both the equipped vessel and surrounding atmosphere.

While the Shroud's ability to reroute light and matter is powerful, its resiliency against attack is roughly the same as that of the normal shield form. When dealt more damage than the shield can withstand, the Shroud's extreme gravity collapses back to normal levels and its distortion effects end.

Most objects in contact with the shield move harmlessly around the vessel, typically unaware and unchanged by the experience. Such collisions are a drain on the shield, whether they come from attacks or collisions. Larger objects drain the shield more severely and may cause its collapse entirely.

Attacks originating from within the Shroud clash with the shield in much the same manner as attacks originating outside of it and can potentially cause the Shroud's collapse.


Not available for retail sale. Developed by Conclave Ship Works for Conclave Aerospace and Fleet Forces.

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