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The ministruct is a man-sized MultiStruct Multitool that can collect and store raw materials in an attached resource container. Using the resources collected, or sourced from an already loaded container, the tool can then fabricate or effect repairs in a manner akin to 3D Printing.

Introduced for sale in early YE 43.

Year of Creation YE 43
Designer Default Industrial Tools and Manufacturing
Nomenclature DEF-U1-1A
Manufacturer Default Industrial Tools and Manufacturing
Fielded by New Dusk Conclave, Independent
Availability Mass Production
Price 2000 KS, 8000 DS


Building things by hand is a time-honored practice that has become increasingly less necessary as technology has advanced. In the modern era, it often doesn't make sense to carry around cumbersome building supplies or expect your average Laborer to know all the best practices when building or repairing ships or skyscrapers.

To that end, Default had been leveraging OHI's multistruct technology for some time in various scales, whether by using the company's Oxen or finding ways to attach its smaller variants to commercially available power armor. Their non-powered workers, however, were still stuck largely doing the small tasks by hand.

Accordingly, Default reached out to OHI and began a joint effort to create a new, handheld version of the Multistruct, dubbed the 'Ministruct'.

Function and Design

The Ministruct is an all-purpose construction and repair tool. It can ionize resources and materials, then store them in an attached cannister for later use. It can then project those resources back out at a later date, using them to assemble simple structures or effect repairs.

The resource cannister can be detached and replaced, allowing a worker to collect or construct as much as they need.

Geist-equipped users can operate the tool with mental commands, selecting the appropriate construction blueprints or patterns as necessary. The Ministruct can be loaded with any necessary blueprints that would be needed for a given job. It also contains a number of basic blueprints to build simple structures or repair most common technologies.

For users without a Geist, the Ministruct includes a basic volumetric projector and a simple thumb control for menu navigation.

Once a blueprint or pattern have been selected, using the Ministruct is as simple as ensuring you have the appropriate resources loaded, pointing the tool at the desired construction area, confirming that the 3D wireframe is in the correct location, and pulling the trigger. Until the trigger is released or the tool runs out of resources, the Ministruct will faithfully fabricate whatever the user had selected.

While the Ministruct is more capable of fine detail work than its larger cousins, it is not well-suited to constructing electronics or other small fine details. It can, however, create settings, wirings, and other necessary details that makes it easy to slot in electronics at a later date.

Multistruct technology used on license from Osman Heavy Industries.


Tough but easy to wield, the Ministruct is a yellow and black tool that looks something like a boxy, futuristic gun with a cannister attached to the bottom of the grip.

It is well balanced when a resource cannister is attached, but somewhat front heavy otherwise.

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