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Deidre's Huge Rack of Guns

Deidre's Huge Rack of Guns is a weapons store located in Francia City, Coldas Hell, in the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. It has only one employee.

Motto: โ€œIf'in it didn' come from a huge rack, yeh didn' get it at Deidre's.โ€ -Deidre Kirsty NicAlasdair

History of Deidre's

Deidre's Huge Rack of Guns opened in YE 30.

Deidre's was originally intended to be opened by her father, Connor MacAlasdair. Connor, a paranoid man and survivor of the Heavenly Wars and the infamous Battle of Nepleslia already had the plans for a fortified structure in which to conduct his business in. His reasoning was simple. He wanted to be ready should another Heavenly War break out or another SMX incursion in Nepleslian space occur. Originally planned to be constructed upon the swamp world of Kennewes. Connor inexplicably met his end after a drunken brawl (While trying to celebrate his good fortune) which led to him stumbling off the dock and into the water being torn apart by a Kennewein alligator along with his fellow brawler who managed to survive with the exception of both legs.

Deidre, Connor's daughter upon hearing this did what any red-blooded Nepleslian would in this situation. She got the biggest gun she could carry and hunted that animal down. So now when people come into her store they get the privilege of seeing an alligator head mounted on one of the walls and a possible story to tell. Usually with โ€œAnd I used that gun to kill it.โ€ as a selling point. Originally Deidre had decided to do as her father wished and start the store upon Kennewes. By that time however the Nepleslian government had begun a massive colonization and exploration project in the northwestern reaches of space. The seventeen year old gathered her inheritance and planned for the future by going out that way, knowing none of the big name brands would be out there or too far and few between. For her it was a great opportunity to profit and expand a small business into something potentially larger as the Nepleslian thirst for quality guns could never be quenched.

About Deidre's

The store itself followed the original designs of Connor, Deidre's father. Being a โ€œfortifiedโ€ structure of nerimium rebar reinforced concrete. The windows are made of the transparent variety of Durandium and the door as well. The interior is brightly lit with concrete floors. The walls are lined with large gun racks holding models of each type of gun she has in stock. Deidre herself being behind a steel-framed display case/counter with an assortment of model pistols inside. The models are primarily used to allow a customer to โ€œfeel the weight.โ€ of the weapons and get a general feel before purchasing.

Over the case is the large Kennewein Alligator head she has mounted, open mouthed and displaying rows and rows of rock hard teeth. There is also a display case of a "Militant"-Series War Automaton off in one corner and more racks behind Deidre's counter. Along the walls of the outer area of the shop are a number of corporate posters from Nepleslian Arms and Munitions, Styrling Vervaardiging and even one of Zen Armaments. Deidre, being a staunch supporter of the Green Party also has one of the โ€œUncle Vanderhuge Wants YOU!โ€ recruitment campaign posters depicting the iconic Grand Admiral himself, Flint Vanderhuge in full military regalia in front of the DION flag pointing a huge finger outward.

Further into the store near the center is an indoor gun range with actual working weapons she has modeled out on the racks. The guns generally only have between one and four rounds each, are attached to a titanium cable to the steel stalls and come with built in designators. This means they can only be fired at the targets down range otherwise they're non-active. To save from having to constantly repairing the concrete walls, the targets are constructed of Ballistics Gel which she can easily mix on site and mold.

The vault in which she stores her weaponry is protected by thick Durandium Alloy reinforced concrete walls with a simple vault door made of a Durandium Alloy an internal paper-thin Nerimium layer and another Durandium layer. The magnetic locks are keyed to her own biometrics and voice ident data.

The roof contains a small landing pad capable of being used for limited supply drops via a small freighter. Cargo is then ferried down by an industrial elevator and into a small hallway leading to the vault. Deep within the recesses of Deidre's shop however is a small area devoted to the single Junker Drone she affectionately named 'Gillie'. The Junker serves as a means of cheap 'non-complaining' labor and has even had its reproduction programing locked on her voice command. Otherwise Gillie acts as normal for one of its kind.

Solid Munitions




Submachine Guns





Solid Ammunition

Pistol Ammo

Sub-machine Gun Ammunition

Shotgun Ammunition

  • 12 Guage Shells, 40 Shells 5 DA for 2 Shells

Rifle Ammo

Grenade Launcher Ammunition

  • All Grenade Ammunition is Custom Ordered. Quantities and Prices fluctuate depending on demand.

Energy Weapons


Submachine Guns


Melee Weaponry



  • Sold out!

Body Armor

  • Soldout!

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This gun was once used by Jack Miller Captain of the NSS Alliance before being forced into a Staff Position after his tour of duty. It is still in working condition, and has been hastily scrawled on with his signature.
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