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Doki Doki YSA!

Doki Doki YSA! is a small chain of Star Army of Yamatai themed maid cafes.

Deep in the heart of Kyoto, a new cafe had opened. Lien had been curious about the bright pink building with the blue kikyo painted on the outside. The sign was in the shape of a heart with “Doki Doki YSA!” carved into it. As she drew closer, she could hear the cheerful bubblegum pop music that was currently on the best seller lists in Yamatai blaring through the open glass doors. A young woman with fiery red hair pulled into pigtails and wearing what looked to be a pink and heavily frilled Type 30B duty uniform with a white heart shaped pin stood out front with a basket of tissue packets with gold kikyo seals on them. “Good afternoon, everyone!! Please come join us today for our victory lunch specials!” She shouted, waving to passers-by, and handing them tissues with an inviting smile. “All YSA Personnel get a 10% discount and a special gift! Please come in and join us!”

どきどき or ドキドキ, doki doki is the mimetic word in Yamataigo (邪馬台語) for an excited, racing heartbeat. YSA stands for Yamatai Star Army, a play on the old name of the military- Grand Star Army. It is not to be mistaken for the Yamatai Security Agency, although the company also likes the Security Agency as well.

The employees wear frilly pink variants of old and new Star Army Uniforms and mimic the appearance and mannerisms of famous Star Army of Yamatai war heroes. Each cafe interior is styled after a different Yamataian ship with the Yui 7-class Scout and Chiharu-class Flagship being the most popular cafes. The walls of the cafes are covered in ship schematic and artwork of the various war heroes of Yamatai with a small shrine to Chiharu at the front. A part of the cafe's proceeds goes to the public works projects.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is incredibly cheerful (despite the Irim cosplayers) and features karaoke every night. Customers can request to have a dance show with their favorite characters to popular Yamataian music. They offer Yamataian military members a very nice discount on food, drinks, and the various Doki Doki YSA! merchandise that they sell. Their Hanako and Irim chibi plushies are their best sellers.


The front end of the cafe is operated by a group of waitresses, called “Morale officers” dressed in frilly pink versions of the various Star Army Uniforms playing the roles of Star Army of Yamatai members. Each Cafe much have 1 Hanako and 1 Irim Morale officer but the waitresses are welcome to be their own character or their favorite Star Army of Yamatai Hero. The cosplaying Morale officers will wear wigs and colored contacts to get the look right and will throw themselves into their characters to mimic the idol's “personality”. As employees, their responsibility is to make their guests feel welcome and to spend as much money at the cafe as possible by being incredibly cute or sexy as their particular character demands. If a customer enters the cafe alone, the Morale officer will join them at the table to keep them company between food orders until the customer leaves the cafe (or until their shift ends and another morale officer takes over). At the end of each day, the total sales of each Morale Officer is displayed on a large volumetric display board behind the register. At the end of the month, the employee with the highest sales total gets a bonus and to be featured in ads for the cafe.

All the Morale officers are incredibly attractive and the cafe gives hiring preference to retired Star Army of Yamatai personnel or spouses of Star Army of Yamatai personnel.


Each cafe's exterior looks like a regular cafe with pink walls with kikyo flowers and hearts painted on it. The interior of each shop will vary based on the ship wardroom or galley they are mimicking. Every cafe's back wall behind the register has a large volumeric display with the current Morale officer ranking for the cafe.

Yui Class

The Yui 7-class Scout cafe has a intimate dining room with a smooth tile floor and dark wood paneling with soft domed overhead lighting. Its walls are covered with framed artwork of famous Star Army of Yamatai captains and crew with a heavy focus on those that served with distinction on the Yui 7-class Scout in various scenes of combat, or recreation and unclassified ship schematics. The flatware and chopsticks are of nice quality and silver in color.

Chiharu Class

The Chiharu-class Flagship cafes are incredibly spacious and luxurious, featuring a 2 story dining room. Gold chandeliers with delicately cut heart and kikyo shaped crystal illuminates black marble floors and mahogany wood wall paneling. A small, heart shaped rose garden rests in the center of the lower level with a black marble tiered fountain. The flatware and chopsticks are gold plated. The materials are made of mahogany with ship crests elaborately carved into the tops. The artwork is displayed in gold frames, with Ketsurui Chiharu as the focus but also showcasing other famous Star Army of Yamatai personnel.

Sakura Class

The Sakura-class Light Gunship cafes are modeled after a Sakura crew lounge with a large red circular dining room with thick shaggy red carpet with the Star Army Hinomaru. The dining room is lit by white paper hanging lanterns to give the space softer lighting. Patrons are encouraged to kick off their shoes and relax on one of the thick leather couches that circle the edges of the dining room. The black framed artwork on the wall features scenes of what could be the infamous Dare parties as well as the standard artwork of famous crew members and captains. The flatware and chopsticks are silver and features a Sakura blossom on the handle.


The dining room contains tables of various sizes to accommodate solo diners, couples or large groups. The tables are heart shaped (1 to 2 people), kikyo shaped (up to 5 people) or round (6-10 people) but each have an elaborate ship crest on the top. The chairs are comfortable, high back and arm-less Starship Chair, Type 35 in black and red.

Every table is set with a black marble napkin holder with a Star Army Hinomaru painted and engraved in the center. No silverware or chopsticks are set on the table until food is served. The following condiments can be found on each table:

Lien blushed as a busty blue haired nekovalkyrja sat her down at a heart shaped table with the ship's crest of the YSS SAKURA under the enamel top. The waitress bowed deeply as she offered the woman a sleek pink datapad. “Oneesan, please look through what the galley has to offer today! I must recommend the Mr. Bear bowl, it's almost too kawaii to eat! Or if you are in the mood for something super spicy, I recommend Yui-Taisho's wings with the mango habanero sauce! Please let me know you are ready to order by saying, 'Doki doki, love love!'” Lien awkwardly took the datapad and tried to return the waitress's smile before she pressed the volumeric display button to go through the menu.


All dishes are served with a small bowl of rice, a bowl of onion miso soup, and a small mixed green salad with a choice of roasted sesame, onion or a peanut style dressing. More of each side dish can be ordered for an additional 1 KS per serving.

  • MISHHU! Tentacles - fierce looking pieces of tempura battered squid deep fried and served with a sweet chili dipping sauce (5KS)
  • Mr. Bear bowl, beef curry served with teddy bear shaped rice. (5KS)
  • Irim special. - A hearty portion of Steak Omurice covered in a thick red sauce. (8KS)
  • Yui style fried Chicken wings, basket of lightly breaded and fried wingettes served with a choice of spicy mango habanero, sweet bbq or teriyaki sauce in portions of 6, 12, or 24. (5 / 10 / 15 KS)
  • Rufus sausage platter, a thick sausage of impressive size (recommended for sharing) served with caramelized onions and mashed potatoes. (10 KS)


  • Hanako blueberry pancakes- Sakura-class shaped pancakes made with whole blueberries and topped with whipped cream. (3KS)
  • Kikyo Sundae- vanilla ice cream topped with strawberries, whipped cream, red heart sprinkles, and a blue kikyo shaped cookie. (5KS)
  • Freedom cake - A trifle of white angel food cake, strawberries, whipped cream and served with edible Star Army of Yamatai re-enlistment papers. (5KS)
  • Yuuko's Ichigo Ice, 2 large bowls of strawberry puree over vanilla ice cream and shaved ice with whipped cream and a cherry on top. (10 KS)


Doki doki serves a variety of Coffee, tea and hot chocolate drinks with kawaii foam art on top featuring teddy bears, hearts, kikyo and Mindy armor for 1 KS each cup. They also feature special drinks:

  • Blueberry Ice Milk, milk and blueberry puree over ice (2KS)
  • Cherry's Jubilee, cherry juice, bitters, gin, and sparkling wine (4KS)
  • Sakura Dare Party! Shot roulette of 10 assorted alcoholic shots, candy shots and hot sauce shots in black shot glasses (30KS)
  • Moon drop, a shot of Morant moonshine dropped into a glass of black cherry rum and lit on fire. (3 KS)


Doki doki sells hats (5 KS), towels (5 KS), T-Shirts (10 KS) and stickers (.50 KS) featuring their brand logo. They also sell the following items:

  • Sexy or cute photographs of the Morale Officers at each cafe, these are displayed on the volumeric display wall behind the register in order of popularity. (5 KS)
  • Chibi Hanako Plushie (10 KS)
  • Chibi Irim Plushie with bonus butcher knives (10 KS)
  • Chibi Yui Plushie in school girl uniform (10 KS)
  • Mr. Bear plushies with Hinomaru emblem shirt (10 KS)
  • Chibi Kotori Plushie in kawaii kimono (10 KS)
  • Chibi Minato plushie (10 KS)
  • Chibi Sharie plushie (10 KS)
  • Chibi Opal Plushie (10 KS)
  • Chibi Chiharu Plushie (10 KS)
  • Chibi Mindy armor plushie (15 KS)
  • Neko ear headband with bow (6 KS)
  • Neko ear headband (5 KS)
  • Elf ear headband (5 KS)


Doki doki has tried to not over saturate their market and has opened at least 1 cafe in every major Yamataian city and is looking to open up shops on the major SAoY stations.

OOC Notes

Kim created this article on 2017/08/14 18:07. This is all in fun. Please feel free to add food related anecdotes from other YSA ships. =)

SAINT discretely bought rights to produce a chain on Anisa System in YE 40 (July 2018) as part of Operation Bakuwana.

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