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Age Retardant Drug

Emrys Industries A TC Company

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries

Based upon a modified version of the enzyme telomerase, this drug can retard the aging process significantly - especially through keeping skin rejuvenated - and even speeds up the healing of wounds beyond the normal level. It does this by increasing the creation of telomeres, which control stem cell production. Through this it increases the stem cell production all over the body, as well as distributing the stem cells correctly. This increase in stem cells rejuvenates the body, and prevents degenerate aging.

In early tests the drug had a side effect of making skin slightly more susceptible to tumors, and although this problem could not be directly fixed without altering the genome of the person, a mixture of tumor-suppressing drugs was added to the mix, which offsets the effect.

Using this drug effectively stops the negative aspects of aging, your body does not deteriorate. It also increases the healing rate of the body due to the increase in stem cells. Dosage comes in the now standard drug application capsules, the same used for the pheromone/hormone recreational drugs, but is designed to only be injected.

For maximum benefits it is recommended that the drug is taken biweekly, however more can be taken if one has received an injury. In case of a query over dosage, ask your nearest medic, or call Emrys Industries. Using the drug more often than the recommended amount can cause tumors or cancer.

Price: 20 KS For a years worth, you purchase 24 doses for 450 KS

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Product Categoriesdrugs
Product NameAge Retardant Drug
ManufacturerEmrys Industries
Price (KS)20.00 KS

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