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Emrys Industries A TC Company


One of Emrys Industries less scrupulous scientists expanded the on the whole harmless work of the company's pheromones, bringing it into darker areas, not made for recreational purposes, but for more sinister purposes. It should be noted that Seru Emrys himself, and most parts of the company knew nothing of this research, it only came out in an investigation into where quite a reasonable amount of money was disappearing to. The scientist, one Dra Tabel, was warned from following this course of action much deeper, since some his projects where seen as extremely morally ambiguous, but was sacked a month later due to revelations of a misuse of some of the pheromones he designed, some of which aren’t for sale even now. Seru was reluctant to rid the company of such a talented geneticist and biologists, but found that Dra’s actions where too distasteful to tolerate. (The crime itself was some rather nasty S&M like actions, and hints at rape.) Dra has disappeared since then. However Seru believed that it would be a waste not to put at least some of Dra’s products up for sale, although it must be made clear that they are not sold to the common person. Institutions or people with a sufficiently good reason can buy it.


This pheromone creates a pain of almost unimaginable proportions through the stimulation of certain key areas of the brain, primarily the Thalmus. The pain often creates fits, contortions, and a complete inability to concentrate. Many analogies have been made, but would not be helpful here, needless to say they concentrate around having your entire body filled with acid, having your skin flailed (and then having vinegar rubbed in), and all encompassing flame etc. This is in the standard dose, although it can be diluted easily. It can also be mixed in with food, drink, and even used in a spray. For a standard dose the effect lasts an hour. However taking more than one dose in an hour, creates pain far more extreme than even this, enough to often cause psychosis, neurosis, and massive psychological damage. Naturally enough it is rare for a person to inject themselves with this particular drug.

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