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Emrys Anti-Bug Equipment

Emrys Industries

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries

Seru Emrys was being continuously annoyed by flies, tiny nasty things, buzzing and having an uncanny ability to get into his nostrils and/or nose. To fight this he demanded the research by Emrys Industries into destroying them. Well not as a species, just the ones who dared entered his personal area. Two devices where thus created:


For the offensive, for those bugs that buzz around and annoy you. This is a small device around the size of a credit card, but around a centimeter thick. By pressing the red button on the back, it produces a cone of infra-sound, which depending on the setting as adjusted by a small switch on the side of the card, either causes them pain and forces them to go away, causes them to fall unconscious, or suffer internal damage, and death. The higher settings can cause significant pain for a human if targeted at the ear or head. The device is recharged by radiant heat (kept in a pocket or near to the body), or by the solar panel on the side opposite to that of the button. At the opposite that which has the three option settings, and in a small dent in the black finish. The range of the sound cone is three meters, with a 45 degree cone, that can be restricted through a dial on the side to be restricted down to 2 degrees, with correspondingly great power. It also is inaudible. Caution is to be maintained when using it around other people, animals (dog’s really don’t like it), and children.


In the form of marble sized objects with one side that is flattened and makes use of a substance which is only adhesive when an electric current is passed through it. This allows them to be stuck close to anywhere, but removed quite easily. Once they are stuck to a surface they produce a high frequency infra-sound which causes increasing pain for all known insects as they enter the area. The area protected by a single ball is roughly five meters cubed. The effect of having several overlapping zones is to create an effect that varies from a constant irritant, to extreme pain (lots of balls), in humans. The effect in those with better hearing is even more considerable. This pretty much ensures and insect free night, picnic etc. Ironically Seru will not allow them around him since his enhanced hearing means they cause a constant drone. They are solar powered, but only need three hours of light a day, or three hours of exposure to a heat source of around 40 degrees centigrade, to be charged for 24 hours. For an additional 3 KS you can buy a remote that deactivates or activates the marbles. It has a range of fifty meters.

Larger Area

To combat those larger, and more persistent bugs, and also to extend the covered area further for areas where several overlapping areas wasn't a good idea, Emrys Industries developed the 'Larger Area', an orb of 13cm3. It produces an effect 50m3, in which bugs suffer great pain and generally leave, creating a bug-free area. However due to the higher power, the effect can cause headaches if a human stays in for any length of time (its effect on the hearing of Neko is unknown). The Larger Area can last for two weeks without running out of power, whereas it needs 12 hours of 40 degrees centigrade head or exposure to sunlight. However exposure through the two weeks will keep the power running indefinitely.

Pricing Information

Direct: 25 KS Area: 10 KS Remote: 3 KS Larger area: 50 KS

It should be emphasised that these products are not designed to destroy electronic bugs, although it can have a negative effect on them, but on organic ones.

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