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Asura Cane

Emrys Industries A TC Company

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries After the creation of the umbrellas by Emrys Industries, Seru Emrys decided that he would quite like an cane capable of withstanding wear and tear, useful in defending oneself, and also containing some fancy gadgets to make it worth the while. And thus was the walking stick series created.

The first is one made specifically for Seru. It is actually on market, but it requires a great deal of strength to use correctly, and with the subtly to allow it be used correctly, and Seru Emry’s significantly enhanced strength (capable of lifting a long tonne) makes him capable of using it like this.

The central point of the cane is that it has a Iridium center, as iridium is the densest element known, this means that the walking staff has an enormous amount of force when swung. To make sure the cane doesn’t break easily it is actually made out of a form of aggregated diamond nanorods, once of the hardest known materials, and then treated with chromium carbide. The result is that the walking stick is virtually invulnerable to anything that would encountered on the surface of a world, including swords, multi-ton weights, low level energy weapons, and, of course, the ground. The materials it is made of make the cane very expensive, and really quite hard to get your hands on in a shop. And then it’s quite hard to pick up.

Topping the cane is the head of an animal or an orb, in Seru's case a duck's head which has several purposes, the first and most obvious is for impact, made as it is out of Osmium, the second heaviest element, and only a fraction lighter (22,650 kg/m cubed for iridium versus 22,610 kg/m cubed for osmium), and which has a slightly nicer look, not to mention is harder to get hold of, and as such seemed more suitable. The cane also has a small dense computer, in the highly secure area between the orb and the main body of the staff, which serves as a recording/data transmitter device, capable of recording auditory and visual data by way of micro sensors over the canes surface, and being able to send signals by way of radio or laser.

Despite its composition, it has the appearance of a standard cane with a balled top or one in the shape of an animals head, not out of the ordinary, made of a dark wood, or painted black, depending on the stick or the mood of the wearer (if the paint is required to be removed, bleach will remove it, but not even begin to damage the chromium carbide finish). The cane is 4'8 tall.

The cane is a devastating weapon in the hands of someone who knows how to use a bo, jo or similar weapon, making devastating hits with its weight, and capable of blocking great attacks due to its toughness. It is the least sophisticated of the cane series.

Price: 800 KS – Price is high due to it not being made for mass acquisition. Possible decrease in price if sales are high.

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