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Contraveisalgia Tablet

Emrys Industries A TC Company

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries

Effectively a fancy work for 'anti-hangover tablet' this small tablet promises to cure someone with a hangover of his or her affliction within minutes.

Seru is no longer susceptible to Hangovers, but in his kind and charitable way he realizes that others aren't as blessed as he is and so wishes to relieve them of this painful condition, throwing the resources of Emrys Industries behind it. Of course the fact that almost everyone gets hangovers (especially on Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia) and thus making it a considerable source of revenue had very little to do with it. Very little.

The tablet treats two of the three major causes of hangovers simply through their composition. They contain high decency fructose and carbohydrates - enough to compensate for most of the loss of sugar - and B12 to (rather obviously) treat the B12 deficiency. To a degree dehydration is treated by a number of electrolytes which are within the tablet. However water really will needed to be consumed as well.

Secondly the drug contains a powerful agent which relaxes the blood vessels in the head - which cures the by far most common form of headache which accompanies hangovers. The headache is normally gone within ten minutes.

Thirdly it contains a small dose of caffeine and methylphenidate to help the user to get up in the morning and to function competently once they are up.

Fourth it contains dolasetron to restrain any nausea or vomiting that the user might still be experiencing. This quickly acts and can last up to nine hours.

Fifth it contains acetylcysteine which aids in the breakdown of the toxin acetaldehyde.

Finally - the pill contains a powerful pheromone-like drug which acts like an extremely effective and selective pain kill - primarily targeting the head.

It is recommended that three tablets are taken so that the doses are enough to have any meaningful effect. Overdosing is difficult - but if you take eight or nine tablets the overdose of painkiller like substances in your brain will start to have noticeable effects - and not overly pleasant ones. It only gets worse from there. However with the recommended dosage - and preferably a glass or two of water - the symptoms of a hangover should begin to recede within five minutes and be gone completely within twenty.


10 KS - 300 tablets. 7 KS - 200 tablets. 5 KS- 100 tablets. 3 KS- 50 tablets. 2 KS - 25 tablets.

They come in a rather nice plastic box with an Emrys logo on the front.

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ManufacturerEmrys Industries
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