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Emrys Industries Electromagnetic Manacles

Emrys Industries

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries

The Electromagnetic Manacles were designed by Emrys Industries with the intent of producing a device that could restrain even ID-SOLs and other extremely strong individuals, including those who were cybernetically enhanced and as such be a boon for any peacekeeping agency. The market that Emrys Industries was looking at was the FCPD, but an item such as this could find use in any self-respecting police force.

Electromagnetic Manacles come it two basic forms โ€“ arms and legs, and then in two varieties โ€“ normal sized and big (big in this case meaning the sort of size that an ID-sol is). The manacles do not come attached, but as two separate objects. In appearance they seem to simply be a loop of metal whose band is one inch thick and two wide and with a thick hinge on one side, and the loop is roughly the size of a normal humans arm (or leg, or ID-sols arm or leg).

One placed around the subjects arm (or leg), the Manacles powerful electromagnetic field which first causes the Manacles to slam shut while other systems in the manacle quickly adapt its circumference and size to match the size of the targets wrist (or ankle), although it can also clasp somewhat higher up the arm or leg. At around about this point the highly powerful directed electromagnetic field is attracted to that of the other Manacle, which causes them to clasp together with great force. This is where the immobilization effect of the manacle comes in, since the manacles attractive force is equivalent to 2000 lbs, and as such enough to prevent even an ID-sol or other such โ€˜super-strongโ€™ or enhanced miscreants.

The Electromagentic Manacles are paired with a transmitter device which sends out a radio signal, containing the complex and coded algorithm which releases the Manacles. Besides this the only way to remove the Manacles is brute force, given that it has copious amounts of tamper-proof features its own power source (functional for twelve hours), and is built of next to unbreakable aggregated diamond nanorods capable of withstanding 491 Gigapascals, and a tensile strength of 100 gigapascals, equivalent to 1,019,716 kilogram-force/square centimeter.

An additional feature of the Electromagnetic Manacles is that they can periodically create small electromagnetic pulses whose effect is limited to roughly the wearer, and as such render any electronics on him, or part of him, useless. This feature is controlled by the transmitter.

It should be noted that the Electromagnetic Manacles are mostly to be used when the target is incapacitated or distracted. Use in other circumstances may well lead to complications. They are delivered by hand, in much the same way conventional hand-cuffs are.

The Electromagnetic Manacles are powered by an onboard battery which can sustain 12 hours of constant use after being charged for 6 hours. They are charged in a specially made dock.

Price: 1,000 KS

Low tech equivalent

Given that this level of technology would not be needed in many situations, Emrys Industries did create a low technology Manacles which is effectively a set of hand-cuffs crafted out of aggregated diamond nanorods. Due to it being constructed out of this material it actually requires the equivalent to a thousand tonnes of pressure on every centimeter of the chain or main body of the handcuff to break them. It is locked using both an advanced Tubular pin tumbler lock and a six digit code using a number chosen by computer to be psychologically unlikely to being found (each is different though, and the number is changed each time it is taken off the prisoner). Furthermore neither of the locks can be reached by the miscreant due to the angle of his hands.

Price: 400 KS

OOC Notes

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