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EM-J3-1a "Dennis"

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-J3 Dennis is a maturation and refocused advancement of the EM-J1 Ernie. It is primarily aimed at the security market as a compact and efficient augmentation to organic security forces. It became available in YE 36.

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  • Like the Ernie, Dennis is able to plug itself into standard civilian outlets, and can also carry adapters for more exotic assignments.


The Dennis is a roughly humanoid-shaped machine with dark, exposed electro-muscle under thin plating. Its torso is clearly largely hollow, with a narrow spine connecting the chest to the hips. Its arms and legs appear big enough to be of muscular size, with spaces between thin plates of basic armor to accommodate the need to shrink in diameter revealing the dark muscle beneath. The head is narrow and swept back at the front, spreading out to a disc like shape to the sides and back.

When folded it has an almost trashcan shape with the round lid head on top, or perhaps like a very small suit of armor for children, or dwarves. The arms shrink up into the shoulders, while the legs fold into the torso. The head tucks down between the shoulders.


The Dennis is a continuation of the technology behind the Ernie with improvements made in both structure and stature. One immediately apparent difference between the two models is that while Ernie's can largely be silent, Dennis's are very chatty in what was an attempt to improve the robots bonding to organic coworkers. However, because the Dennis is not programmed with the sanctity of human life (they must, after all, be able to shoot people), their candid statements and widely laid back disregard for most organics means they can border disrespectful at times.

The Dennis was built on a new version of the same networked intelligence behind the Ernie, however the larger chassis of the Dennis can accommodate more native processing power, allowing them to be much more autonomous alone than the smaller tied down Ernie's. This also means that their memories tend to carry even after a unit has been destroyed in a group of others. A certain phenomena occurs as these remembered profiles overtake factory setting droids once they join the network and cause it to act in the same manner as the robot that was destroyed.

The Dennis's body is designed to be immensely collapsible, allowing it to compress to a very small size (another idea carried from its older, small, brethren). This allows Dennis's to be easily able to be deployed, even being dropped from the sky they can activate once they hit the ground and reassemble themselves easily.

Much of inside of the Denni's limbs are actually hollow tubes of electro-muscle with plates of duranium armor covering it in common places. While it may seem wasteful this hollowness both allows the droid to use weapons and equipment designed for humans, and to compress itself into storage once its mission is done.

Unlike the Ernie, the Dennis actually has a proper head. However even this is still dominated by a large singular mono-eye in the middle, with six smaller auxiliary eyes to the sides (three on each side) that are better able to swivel than the main eye, providing peripheral vision. This is balanced on a thin neck of electro-muscle supported by two stilts of motor assistance as a precaution. On the shoulders and behind a neck a raised piece of collar armor stands.

The Dennis is very dextrous and capable of moving very rapidly, however its lightweight construction means it can suffer in close quarters combat. Typically it will prefer to restrain its target with a simple hold and incapacitate them with its other hand. It has artificially sharp reflexes, but its limbs cannot move much faster than a humans.



The Dennis is well-equipped for security missions.


A recurring feature from the Ernie. Each Dennis comes with its own complimentary wakizashi. Because the Dennis is larger than the Ernie, the blade is eighteen inches in length made by the Tamahagane sword making parent company. Like the Ernie, the sword is carried on the right forearm, however the Dennis has largely hollow limbs, and thus stores it internally before opening a panel and flicking it out when needed.


The large central eye is capable of seeing into the standard electro-magnetic spectrum, similar to human eyesight. For night, or other dark areas it's capable of seeing into the infrared spectrum or using light amplification. The six auxiliary eyes are accompanied by LED illumination.


The Dennis has radio communication built-in as standard. It also has speakers and microphones for human-level communication.

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Product NameEM-J3-1a "Dennis"
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Year ReleasedYE 36
Price (KS)4โ€ฏ,200.00 KS

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