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EM-K4-2a "Zephyr" Law Enforcement Air Car

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The Emrys Industries EM-K4-2a is the Law Enforcement version of the EM-K4 "Zephyr" Air Car, it became available in YE 33.

About the EM-K4-2a

The EM-K4-2a is available for all Law Enforcement agencies. It comes equipped with some additional features that help them perform their tasks, and has higher performance ratings. Emrys Industries sells these at cost.

EM-K4 Police Model

Inside the Em-K42a

Entry to the cabin is through the gull-wing pneumatic doors. The cabin of the EM-K4 contains four stain resistant covered seats. The driver sits in the left front seat. Interior color is charcoal.

The storage area in the front is used for storing emergency equipment, and allows access for loading the weapon systems.

Em-K4-2a Police Driver's side



Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: Em-K4-2a Organizations Using This Product: Law Enforcement Agencies Type: Anti-grav Class: Car Designer: Emrys Industries R&D section. Price: 10,000 KS


Length: 4.93m 16.2ft Height: 1.4m 4.59 ft Width: (Overall) 2.4m 7.87ft Width: (Body) 1.8m 5.9ft


  • Ground mode: 0 - 250 kph (0 - 155 mph)
  • Altitude mode: 0 - 482 kph (0 - 300 mph)
  • High speed mode: 482 - 965 kph (0 - 600 mph)

See EM-K4 Operation for mode details.

Inside the EM-K4-2a

Entry to the cabin is through the gull-wing pneumatic doors. The cabin of the EM-K4 contains four seats. The driver sits in the left front seat.

EM-K4-2a Systems

The Em-K4-2a has all the standard Em-K4 systems, and the following additional systems.

EM-K4-S3300 Containment Force Field

The rear portion of the K4 is equipped with two independent containment force fields. These are used to confine prisoners to their seat.

EM-K4-E3304 Surveillance Module

The Zephyr 2a is equipped with two surveillance modules; one in each of the bumpers. It contains a shotgun microphone with a telephoto x1000 zoom digital camera. The camera has three modes of operation, normal light, night vision, and infrared.

EM-K4-E3305 Electronic Monitoring

The Zephyr 2a equipped with an additional system; that allows it to scan for electronic signals and monitor them. It is synced with the forward Surveillance module.

EM-K4-W3300 Enforcer Cannon

The Zephyr 2a is equipped with a non-lethal weapon system. It can fire one of two types of spherical projectiles. It carries ten of each of the following. It is reloaded through the forward storage area. The cannon is mounted in the front of the vehicle just to the left of the license plate.

Taser Ball

This ball is approximately 6.7 cm (2.63 in.) in diameter. It consists of a mass of polymer and wire strands that end with a small barb. When it strikes a target, the strands unwind swiftly and wrap around the target. The core of the ball then applies an electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of the targets muscles to immobilize them.

It is possible for a person to break free of it, however, the unit will discharge again if it senses too much pull on the strands.

Bean Bag

This is a spherical bag approximately 6.7 cm (2.63 in.) in diameter. The bag is filled with lead shot and fired at a speed of 90 meters/second. Typically this weapon is aimed at the targets extremities to avoid possible internal injuries.

EM-K4-W3301 Grenade Launcher

The Zephyr 2a is also equipped with a gas grenade launcher capable of propelling the grenades up to 50 meters. It is typically loaded with smoke, tear gas; sleep grenades from whatever source the law enforcement agency uses.

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Product Categoriesvehicles
Product Name"Zephyr" Law Enforcement Air Car
ManufacturerEmrys Industries
Year ReleasedYE 33
Price (KS)10โ€ฏ,000.00 KS

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