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EM-G22 Emrys Industries Tactical Suit

The EM-G22 Tactical Suit provides basic protection from hazards and small arms. It became available in YE 37.

Emrys Industries A TC Company

About the EM-G22 Tactical Suit

The EM-G22 is a replacement for the EM-G2 Emrys Industries Body Armor/Uniform. It is available in two versions. The 1A consists of jacket, trousers, helmet, boots (with shin guards) and gloves. The 2A has all of the components of the 1A and includes an electronic camouflage system. While components can be switched between the two, 1A pieces used with a 2A will not change color.


The EM-G22 was developed to replace the EM-G2 Emrys Industries Body Armor/Uniform for use by various law enforcement and security agencies. Design began shortly after the acquisition of the company. Much of the suit design is based on the original but with upgrades. The project was tabled several times a higher priority products move ahead. Finally testing started on prototypes in YE 35.


The EM-G22 looks like traditional tactical gear, it is black by default and the plating and padding gives it a bulky appearance. The forearm shield emitters are visible as a series of metal bands. The boots have external shin plates to protect the lower leg. The helmet is also black and has a visor that gives a good field of vision.

EM-G22 Tactical


Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Uniform: Tier 2 (Medium Anti-Personnel)
  • Arm Shield: Tier 2 (Medium Anti-Personnel, Barrier)



The jacket looks like leather and is black by default. The material may resemble leather but is in fact flexible polymer material. There is a para-aramid layer of synthetic fiber, which provide durability and protection from sharp objects. There are also small plates of Osmiridium to provide more protection, but allow movement. The plates cover the chest, and other inflexible parts of the body, for example over the biceps, and upper and lower leg, while leaving the joints unhindered. Integrated into the jacket is a compact force field projector. It can be deployed from one of the arms as a riot type shield.

Inside the Jacket are two sockets for BR-28 compatible power cells. These supply the power for entire suit. Going with swappable power cells allows for quick return to service.


The suit comes with an upgraded version of standard Emrys Industries Gloves. Functionally they are the same with LED lights but no claws. The wearer can control the LED lights by either using the manual switches on the glove or by voice command with the helmet.

EM-G22 Glove


The trousers are made of the same material as the jacket. They have the four normal pockets, and two external pockets with hook and latch fasteners on the front.


Also included are boots, which are made from a sturdier version of the fabric that makes up the uniform, and also comes with plates of Osmiridium. They look like traditional steel-toed combat boots. The boots come half the way up the lower leg, and are waterproof. The insides are snug and comfortable for the feet, made for long walks, or for crossing difficult terrain. There is an built-in hilt for a dagger, with a strap to secure it in. The boots include removable shin guards which strap to the boot.


The EM-G22 is equipped with a compact force field projector. The user can configure it to work on either arm. It creates a 24 x 42 inch curved shield. The shield will stop most melee items, and provides protection against projectiles. Once the shield is dropped it takes five minutes for the circuits to recharge. The shield has the following stats:

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Shield: Tier 2 (Medium Anti-Personnel, Barrier)


The EM-G22 helmet is constructed out of a shell of Osmiridium and covered with Durandium Alloy. It is an enclosed helmet to provide maximum protection. The face portion has Transparent Durandium for visibility. The lower panel of the face plate allows breathing, but can seal to protect against aerosol agents. When sealed the air passes through EM-G4 Emrys Filter Mask filters. Note: The entire face panel is designed to be removed for emergencies. However, users can chose to remove it but they lose the visual systems, and filters.


  • Integrated speakers and mic, links to most comm systems.
  • Integrated HUD that overlays on the view port
  • IR/UV vision capable
  • Laser range finder
  • Audio pickups

EM-G22-X3700 Electronic Camouflage

The 2A version of the EM-G22 includes a camouflage system. All exterior surfaces are covered in an electronic mesh that can change color. When switched off the mesh is black. In basic mode it the exterior is changed to a single color at the users choice. In advanced mode the user can pre-program up to 8 color patterns.

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