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EM-G9-3A Emergency Flashlight Kit

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-G9-3A Emergency Flashlight is part of the EM-G9 Series Flashlight, it became available in YE 33.

About the Em-G9-3a

The EM-G9-3A is for use in vehicles and survival kits. It features a charging base that holds three EM-G9 flashlights, and comes with a solar panel for charging when no power source is available.

Emergency Flashlight


Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: Em-G9-3a Type: Emergency Flashlight Class: Personal Gear Organizations using this product: Emrys Industries, Available for purchase Price: 65 KS


Color: Available in black, red, blue and silver Operating time: 30 hrs LED Lamp: 115 Lumens Length: 3.54cm (9 in) Width: .79cm (2 in) Height: .39cm (1 in) Mass: 500 g (1.1 lbs)


  • 1 Flashlight
  • 2 Spare lamp assembly
  • 1 Charging base
  • 1 Charging pad
  • 3 Belt holder
  • 1 Solar panel

EM-G9-G3300 Charging Pad

The charging pad creates a magnetic field that when the EM-G9 flashlight is laid on it will recharge the power cell. Charging time takes 1 hour. The charging pad must be connected to a building power outlet or a power port on a vehicle. The charging pad comes with its own cord and adapter plug.

EM-G9-G3301 Charging base

When the EM-G9 flashlights are inserted into the base, an electrical connection is made. This allows the base to not only charge the flashlights but control them. The control panel shows the status of each flashlight, and can be used to program the lights to switch on and off. One such use would be to set one of the lamps to send a Morse-code like message. The charging base uses either the power cord for the Charging pad or is connected to the EM-G9-G3302 Solar panel.

EM-G9-G3302 Solar panel

The folding solar panel can be connected to the charging base to supply power in lieu of an available power supply.

Replacement parts

  • Lamp assembly, 1 KS
  • Charging pad, 2 KS
  • Belt holder, 1 KS

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