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EM-J2-V3401 Advanced AI

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-J2-V3401 is the mainstream artificial intelligence available for the EM-J2 Series Servitor Android, it became available in YE 34.


Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: EM-J2 V3401 Type: AI Computer Class: Electronic Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D

Note: The J2-V3401 is capable of growth in mental capability. Emrys Industries installs a safe guard to monitor an EM-J2 Series becoming sapient. One of the criteria is when the J2-V3401 makes a decision contrary to the EM-J2 Behavioral Paradigms. If a customer requests that the safe guard be removed, the corporation requires that the client sign a document releasing the corporation from responsibility; and requires the customer document their plan to allow the EM-J2 to be self-sufficient.

About the V3401

The J2-V3401 is the midrange Artificial Intelligence for the series. The J2-V3401 has a considerable range of capabilities. The J2-V3401 is programmed to grow as needed for its job. It can by means of its communications access the SYNC or other network and download information to help it learn a new task. Example, when asked to operate a vehicle for the first time. The AI would download the operator's manual and local ordinances. It would read the information and have an understanding of the vehicle operation. Then it would apply the information from the ordinances to establish parameters for driving. The AI would learn not just the basic of the vehicle but safe operation. Experience would improve its skill.

Initial Programming

Program Definitions

This section provides details about the programming.

First Aid (Basic)

The android has an understanding of basic first aid. This allows the android to determine if a person is injured, the extent of the injury. The android would then if it could find a first aid kit or medical kit provide emergency first aid. If in the android's assessment the injured person needs more extensive care, it would contact the local EMS.

Basic motor skills

All EM-J2 have complete knowledge of how to move and control their body. They are capable of walking, running. They can sit and stand without difficulty. They are capable of picking up and interacting with objects.


All J2-V3401 have a working knowledge of the language(s) preloaded. They are capable of carrying on a conversation in the language. Their initial speech form is very formal. However, the base programming does not include idioms, slang, contractions, and dialects. When confronted with one the AI will ask the speaker for clarification. With experience the J2-V3401 will learn and integrate their usage. The J2-V3401 is capable of modifying its speech patterns as it learns. It can pick up and repeat nuances to recreate dialects and accents.

Average emotion simulation

The J2-V3401 since it is intended to work among humans has an understanding of human expressions, and their typical meanings. It is capable of simulating emotional responses by using appropriate gestures, tonal intonations, and facial movements.

Basic item interactive knowledge

The J2-V3400 is programmed with a basic knowledge of how to interact with its environment. It pick up objects without breaking them accidentally. They can easily use manual and electronic doors. They can use keypads and other mechanisms.

Standard social interaction knowledge

The J2-V3401 is programmed to understand basic human interactions. By default the J2-V3400 when interacting uses a deferential method. Much the way a hired servant would, β€œYes, sir.” β€œVery well, ma'am.” are a few examples. With experience it can if the permits apply appropriate responses to other situations, such as dealing with obnoxious people.

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