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An offset of the Torment project, Endurance has a very different purpose. While Torment causes pain, Endurance protects from it.


It works in much the same way as Torment, through engineered pheromones effecting the Rostral anterior cingulated, Insular Cortex and Nucleus which respectively help determine how much pain you’re feeling, receives signals from the body about pain, and tells you how important the pain is. The drugs function is that it does not stop you from feeling pain, or sensation, as would happen in leprosy, but effects the Nucleus accumbens in making sure that the body knows there is danger and something to fix (which is after all what pain is, something telling you something’s wrong), but without pain, just a sensation like normal touch, as dictated by the Rostral anterior cingulated, which makes sure you’re not in ‘pain’ as you would normally feel it. If you get a deep wound or loose a limb or some such injury, it is likely to still kill you, and your body will respond in the relevant ways, but it will stop you from feeling the true pain of it. You certainly would notice, but it just wouldn’t ‘hurt’. It works as a perfect pain killer. Vitally it does not deaden your sense of touch in any way.

Endurance has the additional effect of stopping you feeling extremely cold, and the terrible shivering and discomfort that causes. It allows your insular cortex and other parts of the brain to tell the rest of your brain and body that it’s cold, and allows for the defense reactions to this (shivering etc.), but does not allow it to feel the extremely uncomfortable cold. Even when you are extremely cold you feel warm if you’re on Endurance.

Further more Endurance helps stimulating the Dorsolateral Prefronatl Cortex, a cognitive area of the brain involved in decision making, interpretation and selective concentration, which allows for an increase in the ability to make good decisions, clear thinking, seeing tactics and other patterns and being able to concentrate well. It also makes it release Endorphins, the body’s natural opioids, which induce a state of calmness, and allow you to keep a level head more easily.

The effect of Endurance lasts 6 hours, overdosing can lead to excessive Endorphins in the blood stream, creating an effect of excessive happiness and being ‘high’, although that would require a triple dose in 6 hours. Repeated overdosing may lead to the effect becoming semi-permanent.


Each shot of Endurance comes in the small shiny metal canisters that are the Pheremone’s trademark. They can either be injected onto the skin without penetrating it, using a chemical which makes that part of the skin hyper-absorbent for a short period, or drank, the pheromone being absorbed as it goes down the throat. It takes only a few seconds for the drug to begin to take effect.

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