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EM-M1 Enforcer Powersuit

Emrys Industries A TC Company

Emrys Industries, sparked by its leader's sudden enthusiasm for expansion, started to design a range of products for law enforcement in lawless environments, notably Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. The Enforcer powersuit was designed for just this purpose, capable of surviving most of what a typical riot or hostile situation would throw at it, including armed crime, and capable of returning with a mixture of lethal and non-lethal firepower, while not being to expensive to not be used. It has passed all the tests that Emrys industries could conceive, and clocked hundreds of hours of real/simulation fighting, the suit is ready to be marketed, and trade negotiations are beginning.

The Enforcer is a seven foot tall suit of armor/exoskeleton, with a bulky, jagged and not terribly appealing look. This is in fact on purpose since that jagged edges and carefully placed edges actually serve to reduce the effect of projectiles. The suit is made of a strong titanium-steel alloy, and made thick enough to withstand any handheld projectile weapon that most hostiles would be able to lay their hands on. On the back of its arms there are two maser blasters, capable of emitting a powerful maser beam more than capable of killing even an (low tech) armored assailant, or a non-lethal version which burns and leaves people unconscious (lightly fries their brains). This version can be put on tight beam, or a wide beam that can encompass several people. Also in the arms there are retractable steel rods 1 foot long which can have a powerful electric current relayed through them, stunning or killing anyone that comes into contact (depending on the power setting). The different power settings are chosen by pressing a button on one of the fingers for each of the settings, four times in sequence. The servo muscles which pick up the wearers movements lead to an impressive increase in strength and combined with the rods make them quite dangerous in mêlée, quite capable of wading through a riot.

Statistical Information

Government: Will be available to all peacekeeping organizations Organization: Currently Emrys buildings and some rented security personnel Type: Peacekeeping Powersuit Nomenclature: Em-M1-1a Enforcer Designer: Emrys Industries Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Production: 400 currently constructed, more pending deal

Appearance: Bulky, jagged, black visor, gunsteel complexion, around the joints theirs a thick flexible durable plastic, covered with a layer of flexible ceramic plates covered with an overlapping layer of titanium-steel, which extrudes from the main armor.

Length: 2 ft. Width: 2.5 ft. Height: 7 ft. Mass: 1,700 lbs. Pilot limits: The pilot can not be more than 6' 4“, or be overweight

Speeds: 50 kph Range: Can go for five hours without recharging at the appointed station (see below) Lifespan: Lasts five years without maintenance, less if in combat Powersource: Long endurance rechargeable batteries

Weapons Systems

Em-M1-W2900 Enforcer type maser blaster

This weapon, found on the back of each of the powersuits arms, can project either lethal or non-lethal burst of maser.

  • Location: One on each of the suits arms
  • Primary purpose: To kill armored hostiles
  • Secondary purpose: To stun or take down rioters/ wide beam
  • Damage: Enough to kill a armored man, damage walls. or to burn and stun a target
  • Range:
  • Rate of Fire: 1 burst every two seconds/ continuous beam
  • Payload Infinite while power is functioning

Em-M1-W2901 Enforcer type mêlée rods

These foot long steel rods are used either to swing or to thrust, dealing significant damage in unison with the high voltage current running through it.

  • Location: retractable on each arm
  • Primary purpose: Stun/kill assailants
  • Secondary purpose: Break through doors/walls/various objects
  • Damage: enough to heavily damage a human with concussive force, electric current can either kill or stun (depending on power setting)
  • Range: Close combat

Systems descriptions

Armor: Three inch thick titanium-steel alloy, jagged edges reduce effect of projectiles. A flexible ceramic makes up the protection of joints, as well as an overlapping titanium-steel plate. Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 3 (Heavy Personnel)

MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System): This uses integrated circuit construction technology to combine mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics on a simple silicon substrate. Using this, the actuation of a suit can be achieved through surrounding the wearer with millions of tiny machines which move with respect to each other.

Flashlight: On each of the arms, on the side, their is a high powered flashlight, used either for seeing in the dark, illuminating areas, or shining in peoples eyes (a significant element of on highest setting).

Sealing system: Instead of putting it on, you put your leg/arm/torso in the right place, and the armor clamps shut around you, with both mechanical and magnetic seals. The helmet is put on as normal. Standing in the wrong place can be fatal. The armor release when a certain button in the helmet is hit with the tongue. Once the pilot is out (he/she is given twenty second) the armor snap shuts again, able to be assembled in recharging/storage position.

Chemical filtering system: In the helmet this system removes toxic gases, such as nerve gas and all but most dangerous (and thus expensive) substances, while allowing the pilot to breath. There are also two high pressure oxygen canisters in the armor which can serve as an alternative oxygen source in an emergency (the helmet can cut off all external air).

Audio speaker/microphone: This very powerful speaker system allows for the voice of the pilot to be boomed out of the shoulders (where the speakers rest) at sound levels up to one hundred decibels. They use this to make official arrests, telling people to put down their arms, distraction by shouting at them, making a very loud (and piercing) siren noise, or in one or two rather strange cases re-wire the speaker system so it plays trance music very loud. Their is a microphone in the helmet which the pilot speaks into.

Radio: Allows the armor's wearer to communicate with other peace enforcers or with central command, and to pick up messages as well.


The Enforcer has the following additional systems:

Em-M1-G2900 Recharging Unit

Each suit of armor comes with a recharging unit, which is a dock 7'1” by 2'7“ in which the armor is stood up. Small cords go into the docking points of the armor on the back of it's arms, legs and back, where it is recharged. It takes two hours too fully recharge a suit, due to the efficient nature of the batteries, and so if bought in numbers a single charger can cater for several suits. The recharger itself is 3,750 KS. However they can come significantly less if bought in bulk.

OOC Notes

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