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EM-J5-E3603 - Communications

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-J5-E3603 communications suite was developed for use in the EM-J5 Flying Assistant Robot Series (FARS), it became available in YE 36.

About the EM-J5-E3603

The J5-E3603 is the communications suite used by most of the EM-J5.


Range: 32km (20 miles) on a Yamatai size planet, with no satellite or communications network.


  • Encryption capable
  • Audio communications
  • Text messaging
  • Real-time translation capable for major languages - Requires download of application
  • Wireless networking capable with starships, shuttles, headsets and scanners.
  • Compatible with SYNC, and InterNEP (Configurable)
  • Data capable
  • Distress Beacon

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