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Emrys Industries Flechette Gauss Rifle

Emrys Industries A TC Company

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Type: Anti-Personnel Nomenclature: Em-W1-2b Designer: Emrys Industries Research and Development teams

A modification upon the rail gun system that Emrys Industries was working upon, the Gauss Flechette Rifle fires a hail of needles at extremely high velocities, penetrating basic armor, and ripping through scenery and flesh with ease. It is a horrific anti-personnel weapon, and even effective on some varieties of amour, even powered armor. Each shot fires around fifty of the small, yet very sharp needles, made from Titanium-Steel, stored in cartridge, ten cartridges fit in a magazine. However the rifle has an automatic setting where it fires the needles constantly until the magazine is depleted and need replacing.

The Gauss Fletchette Rifle uses powerful electro-magnetic coils to fire the needles, using two batteries which can supply enough energy to fire the weapon 30 times each. The Batteries can be attached on either side of the rifle where they fit into grooves.

Each needle is one inch long, and made extremely smooth both for minimum air resistance, range and penetration capability, the tip is made from a carbon-fibre, diamond like spike that has been brought to a point sharper than would be capable on a standard Titanium-Steel needle. The effective range of these needles is medium.

There are also the so called β€˜mercy’ needles, which are designed for great impact but low penetration. Mercy is possibly the wrong word, since these still deal huge damage to flesh, shatter a bone, crack the skull and dent metal. The effective range is slightly lower than the standard needles.

In physical appearance the Gauss Rifle is a long rifle, with a rather bulkier barrel than would be expected. The batteries are attached to the side of the barrel, and the magazines into the grip (placed so it is at the back of the rifle and receives the maximum amount of speed from the electro-magnets). The Rifle is actually surprisingly light, made as it is by composites and specialized alloys although it is tough and strong as well. There is also a display on the side which allows you to change the setting of the needle fire, it can be made to be as tight as the barrel itself, making a very concentrated attack on a single target, or it can be spread out over a 30Β° arc in front of the rifle.



  • Gun: 2,455 KS


  • Normal Needles: 10 KS per magazine (Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel)
  • Mercy Needles: 9 KS per magazine (Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel)


  • Extra magazine: 10 KS
  • Battery: 20 KS for a rechargeable battery, 30 KS for a pair.
  • Six slot recharger: 400 KS

OOC Notes

Written by Zakalwe. Approved by Wes on July 26, 20051).

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