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Hellthorn Bush

Emrys Industries

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries

The Hellthorn Bush is a genetically modified thorn bush โ€“ designed to be an easy to disperse and cheap (and yet highly effective) blockade, designed by Emrys Industries. The bush is focused around a deep and wide root network โ€“ designed to make the plant especially hard to destroy โ€“ and from this vines grow along the ground and from this grows a thick tangle of vertical vines.

All of the vines are very strong and resistant to damage and are studded with 10 centimeters long razor sharp thorns โ€“ designed to tangle and rip clothing and shredding skin. A well grown Hellthorn Bush will have a horizontal growth of ten meters by ten meters and be three meters tall. They grow with great speed โ€“ and will reach this size in a week. The default Hellthorn Bush has long spiky green leaves.

Price: 30 KS per seed. There is a reduced price offer in bulk.


Ground huggers: An alternate form of the bush, Ground Huggers do not have the vertical height of the standard model โ€“ reaching a foot at most and designed to make passage by infantry very hard.

  • Price: 5 KS per seed.

Tailor Made: A tailor made bush grows only to the dimensions it is designed to โ€“ as required by consumer.

  • Price: Varies upon dimensions.

Toxic: A tailored extra is that the Hellthorn bush can be modified to be toxic โ€“ a variety of toxins from a strong irritant, a paralytic, or a fatal toxin.

  • Price: +5 KS (irritant), + 10 KS (paralytic), + 15 KS (Fatal toxin).

Flowered: While the default Hellthorn Bush does not come with flowers there is a modified version which does. These flowers can be in almost any color and take the form of either tropical type blooms or more conservative ones.

  • Price: + 5 KS .

The Hellthorn has military applications as a easy to deploy barrier (simply scattering the seeds is sufficient) โ€“ and also as a form of personal protection for a domestic home โ€“ although a Bush Doctor might have to be employed from time to time.

OOC Notes

This article was created by Zakalwe. It was approved by Wes on September 14, 2006: Approval Thread

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