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EM-G3 Emrys Mettolidae Set

Emrys Industries

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: Em-G3-1a / Em-G3-2a

Em-G3-1a Mettolidae Gloves and Shoes

While magnetic boots had been around for as long as anyone could remember, there were a few limitations to this. The first is that they were rather cumbersome, and while useful in space walking over ships were fairly useless on planet or in many other situations. The second is that Emrys Industries wasn’t making them.

The Mettolidae set is the answer to this. The first thing to note is that they are not made for use in space, that is to say EVA expeditions. They do not provide the level of protection needed for that. However they work perfectly well in most other situations, and allow for the wearer to scale up walls with ease, as long as those walls are metallic.

The Mettolidae gloves appear to be nothing more than black nylon gloves (the color and design can either be selected from a variety in the store, or custom made to the clients wishes), but are actually formed out of an advanced and very strong polymer that is lined with a complex set of electronics and electrics which mean that once the glove is put on it contracts around the hand, not impeding on manual dexterity but making it almost impossible to removed the glove without hitting the release button which is situated between the index and middle finger. The most important thing about the gloves, however, is that they contain a network of powerful but small electromagnets on the palm and fingers. When the fingers are fully extended and tensed these electromagnets activate creating a powerful magnetic field which attracts the glove to a metal surface (ideally, otherwise it has the effect on other objects that a powerful magnetic field would have) and then seals it there. Each glove, once sealed in this fashion, is capable of supporting 400lbs of weight. To release the effect it is necessary to move the fingers in order from little finger to big, when this is done the field disperses.

The shoes of the Mettolidae appear to be rather fetching walking boots, brown but with black and green stripes. The actual colors and patterns can be selected by the buyer. Apart from being in themselves extremely comfortable, padded and giving excellent support, as well as having advanced anti-perspiration and odor systems to make them a pleasure to walk and run in even in normal circumstances, they contain a similar tightening system and electromagnets in the sole and toe to the gloves. Once put on, and the tongue is pressed relatively hard the shoe seals around the foot, only to release if the tongue is pressed hard again (a blow won’t do it, it has to be a prodding motion). Once this has been done the magnetic mode is activated, and the magnetic field can be activated simply by walking with a little more emphasis on each step. To release all you need to do is pull your foot away, tiny motion sensors in the shoe noting it and releasing the field. The shoes can support 500 lbs each.


The Mettolidae are partially powered by the ambient heat of the body and the kinetic energy of moving, but also require a good deal of power from batteries. These batteries are built in to the shoes, charged by inserting a wire into a small port in the side, and for the gloves there is a small battery that is attached to the arm and feed the wire into a small section of the glove. This provides enough power for three hours of use. The power will last longer if the magnetic fields are not used much in this time period.

Using Mettolidae

Using the Mettolidae means you can scale any metallic surface with significant ease, even cross metallic ceilings. In some places such as Funky City this has considerable potential, as well as in the interiors of some ships.

Em-G3-2a Mettolidae Gloves, Shoes and Kneepads

For an additional 50 KS you can be provided with knee pads which work up the same principle as the rest of the set: when pressed against a surface they 'seal' themselves to it using a magnetic field. When the motion detectors on the strap and the body of the pads themselves agree that the person is trying to move, they disengage. In addition to being an additional place to hang on to (each knee pad capable of supporting 300 lbs) they are also significant as padding.


  • Em-G3-1a 100 KS
  • Em-G3-2a 150 KS with Knee Pads.

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