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EM-K7 - Monorail Station

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-K7 Monorail Station was developed as part of the Emrys Industries EM-K7 - Monorail, and became available in YE 34.


The actual layout of the monorail station varies depending on its location, and the owners of that facility. However, they all have the following features. At the entrance to any station there is a pass dispenser.

Pass Dispenser

Riders of the Monorail system can purchase a travel pass. Pass dispensers can be either automated or manned booths. A rider has the following options when it comes to a pass. A pass is a small plastic card with an RFID strip embedded. A pass can be renewed by adding more uses.

Type Cost Usage
Single .5 KS One use
Ten 4 KS Ten uses
Month 30 KS 30 days
Quarter 45 KS 90 days

Pass Reader

Prior to boarding a monorail the rider has pass by a Reader. The reader scans the information and updates the records to reflect the usage. A valid pass read shows a green light, a red light shows invalid.

Card Reader

When purchasing a pass the rider can pay either by accessing the KS Card Reader, or inserting currency.


Monorail stations come in two forms. The first is the Enclosed or Interior station. These are often found inside of buildings or underground stations. External stations are more compact and tend to be located in lower volume areas.


Enclosed/Interior stations are environmentally controlled areas. They usually have a security presence. Near each entrances to an indoor station are where the Pass Dispensers are located. Normally these will have one or more manned stations. Depending on location some manned stations run 24 x 7 others will have posted hours. All stations have automated dispensers. Since these are higher volume stations, there are more boarding stations and each will have pairs of Pass Readers. The readers are not by the carriages, so it is possible at this kind of station to leave on carriage and get on one on another track.


An exterior station usually has an open shelter that protects the waiting riders from the elements. In the center of it are located one or more Pass Dispensers. The boarding location will have pairs of Pass Readers depending on the expected number of carriages.

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