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This is one of the more dangerous drugs, and many people question why it was developed. It creates an immunity to pain, allowing for dangerous use of muscles, and releases huge amounts of adrenalin and other natural hormones that make the user feel, and effectively is, unstoppable. Again this uses specific stimulation and suppression of parts of the brain, as well as releasing adrenalin and testosterone. It also unlocks a more bestial side to the person, more assertive and angry. The combination between the adrenalin, and not feeling pain, means that the person is effectively far stronger than normal, and more dangerous. An overdose of this can cause heart failure, and prolonged use can cause psychosis, as well as developing other health problems.


The pheromone drugs take the form of 1 ยฝ long metal cylinder, with one smooth, rounded end, and another flat one. The pheromone drug can be either drunken, or injected, which it allows by a chemical in the concoction which makes cells extremely absorbent. As such if you press the cylinder to your arm (or whatever part of your body you wish), and press the rounded end, your arm will quickly absorb the chemical, it will quickly reach the blood stream and come into effect. It can also be drunken by unscrewing the flat end and simply drinking it, the fluid being absorbed in the mouth or when going down the throat. It is rare for any of it to reach the stomach.

In the capsules the amount of the pheromone is measured very specifically, and if taking just that capsule, there should not be any problems, taking more than that can cause serious difficulties.

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