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Sinus Alleviation Spray

Emrys Industries A TC Company

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries

There is little more incredibly annoying than a nasal congestion, otherwise known as a blocked nose, blocked sinus etc. – lying in bed at night unable to sleep because of it. Emrys Industries knows this – and Emrys Industries cares. Because of this Emrys Industries developed a spray composing partially of enzyme-like chemical reactants and partially of cellular sized nano-bots and partially a complex cocktail of drugs which work together to serve several purposes:


First, if the blockage is based upon a build up of Nasal mucus, the nano-bots get to work breaking the substance apart in order to remove the block – this leads to the substance flowing out of the nasal cavity. A bad block takes between five and ten minutes to be cleared.

Second, if inflation of the mucous membranes are the source of the problem the spray contains engineered decongestants which serve to almost completely reduce the swelling. The swelling is usually almost entirely gone within ten minutes.

Third, β€˜hunter’ nano-bots enter the blood stream and find any pathogens which could be causing Sinusitis and dispose of them – either through breaking apart allergenic substances (although this will only be a temporary cure), destroy bacteria or releasing entry-blocking chemicals which block all known Sinusitis causing Virus’. This isn’t a perfect solution – but it will stop the virus from getting any worse while the spray’s other features alleviate the symptoms.

Fourth, the drug contains pheromone-like chemicals which interact with the brain in such a way to alleviate pain by carefully acting upon the Somatosensory Cortex. Pain relief comes within five minutes and lasts for six hours.

For the alternate β€˜sleep’ version the spray comes with a mild sedative which makes falling to sleep easier – and the whole state of having a nose block less stressful.

All in all the Spray quickly removes almost all nose blocks, and goes a good way towards stopping the cause of the congestion – the final effect takes up to ten minutes, although the hunter nano-bots will keep on hunting with decreased efficiency for twenty-four hours.

Appearance and Cost

The spray comes in the form of a small bottle that you simply 'spray' by pressing the top in to your nose.

Price: 8 KS.

OOC Notes

This article was created by Zakalwe. It was approved by Wes on September 18, 2006: Approval Thread

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Product Categoriesdrugs
ManufacturerEmrys Industries
Price (KS)8.00 KS

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