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The Emrys Industries β€˜Agony’ pheromone-based drug was certainly effective, but there were certain … problems with it. It could be unreliable, and its complicated nature, affecting so many parts of the brain and body made it, and a trade mark of its designer, was almost needlessly so. And as such Seru Emrys decided that he would create a revised version of the drug, simpler and yet more effective. The purpose of this drug? Seru is not always a nice man, and those that betray him, his company, or attack him, in his eyes need to be punished. And yet physical punishment is too mundane, not subtle, and certainly not cultured. It was far more appealing to Seru to be able to inject those people he thought deserved it with a shot of a pain inducing drug that would create a sensation worse that anything they could otherwise possibly have. Agony, for all its good purposes was not this drug. It was a drug designed by a depraved man for his sad-masochistic pleasures, and for a variety of reasons not fit for comment here, although it created a great amount of pain, it was not the sort that Seru really wanted.


Torment works in a very different way to Agony. It affects three parts of the brain: the Rostral anterior cingulated (which helps determine how much pain you are feeling), the Insular cortex (which receives and sorts signals from the body about paint), and the Nucleus accumbens (which tells you how important the pain is, and thus how much pain you’re feeling). In effect the pheromones tell the Insular cortex that pain is coming from all over the body, every neuron, and then tells the Nucleus accumbens that the pain is the most important it can be, and so in combination with the Rostral anterior cingulated which is effected in a similar fashion, the brain is told that it is feeling the worst pain possible, all over the body. This pain is worse than anything that any other source could possibly induce, any physical torture, anything at all. Its pain can not really be likened to anything, because as of yet no-one has gone through the process and maintained their sanity, becoming instead gibbering wrecks fit only for screaming, pleading and completely out of their mind. The pain itself lasts for as long as that particular version of the drug is designed to, for there are many different versions, from ten or so seconds to hours.

That is however the most extreme version of the drug. Seru did think that possibly driving the person insane was a little extreme, and the pain was excessive, and so there are a huge variety of the drugs, varying on the level of pain, what part of the body will be in pain and for how long. This can vary from a bad pain that will not go away for hours, or to a feeling comparable to having your head dipped in alkaline lava while having your eyes gorged out with an ice pick. That one however only tends to last a minute or so.

Most of the varieties begin to take effect within a few heartbeats.


None of these drugs are on sale to the public, Seru wouldn’t do that to people. They are for Emrys Industries use only, although if the Yamatai Star Empire, Star Army Intelligence, Star Army of Yamatai, NovaCorp, or other respectable bodies were particularly interested a deal could be worked out.

There is no price established.

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