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Emrys Industries Umbrella

Emrys Industries

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries

Emrys Industries umbrellas are top of the line. The frame is a light weight, but very strong ceramic, and the ‘cloth’ is a extremely tear resistant non-water permeable fabric.

There are two forms of umbrella, one that can fold down to a very small size, in fact can (when folded correctly), only four inches by one inch, but still retain its relatively light frame, and can be unfolded with the simple press of a button. Caution should be maintained when opening the umbrella, since it opens with some force, and due to the strength of the frame can cause some injuries if hitting a rib. The fabric is hung in such a way that water is made to flow away from the person, therefore preventing them from being wet. An additional advantage of the umbrella being made entirely out of ceramics is that it doesn’t rust.

The second type of umbrella is a non-retractable for, which stands as high as a the average walking stick, with a handle made for a comfortable grip. To open it, you simply press a button just above the handle, causing it to spring open, or you can open in manually. The strong frame of this walking stick means that it can be used as a walking stick, or (if situations demand), a stave. The spike at the end is not sharp enough to cut, but can be used to jab. This umbrella also supplies superior protection from precipitation.

Self Defense Umbrella

For an additional amount of weapons, you can purchase the ‘self defense’ option of Umbrella. For the fold up version, there are two buttons on the handle, one which causes a spike to come out from the opposite end from behind a concealed panel, and the other which causes a shorter spike to come out of the base of the handle. These spikes are ceramic, but strong and sharp. For the non-retractable version, the concealed weapon is more extensive. Pressing a button underneath the handle causes the center of the umbrella to come out, leaving only a thin frame with the fabric and supporting metal strands, the center of the umbrella is actually a thin ceramic sword, strong and sharp, perfect for fencing with the sharp tip. The rest of the umbrella can be discarded, to be picked up later and reconnected to the center. A second button causes a sharper spike to come out of the main spike of the umbrella, withdrawn by pressing it again. An advantage of the frame being made of ceramic is that it is not picked up on a metal detector. In both cases the fabric is stronger than usual, and when extended, can prevent some weapon hits, such as by blades, but not fire-arms.


Fold-up: 20 KS

Non-retractable: 30 KS

Fold-up (with spikes): 35 KS Non-retractable (with sword and spike): 50 KS

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