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Equilibrium Foods

Welcome to Equilibrium Foods, a division of the Equilibrium Corporation. We care so much about your welfare that we traveled across universal barriers to provide you with much needed food and water. We are committed to the continued growth of those we serve. Therefore, distribute 25% of all food produced to needy communities within our reach.

For personal, face to face interaction, our storefront is conveniently located on the planet Akina, in the Bard Cluster. Just look for the big farms, visible from orbit. There you can not only meet our staff, but see exactly where your food comes from. At Equilibrium, we have nothing to hide, because our products are 100% natural.

Thanks to climate control technology, all our foods are available, fresh from the soil, at any time. For orders being shipped, most foods will have to be preserved, either by canning, drying or freezing.



Dry beans are available for shipping without additional preservation.

Image Name & Price Image Name & Price
Akha Striped Bean, 5 KS/KG Hare Chhole Green Chickpea, 5 KS/KG
Black Turtle Bean, 5 KS/KG Calima Bean, 4 KS/KG
Christmas Pole Lima Bean, 5 KS/KG Dragon Tongue Bush Bean, 4 KS/KG
Envy Soya Bean, 6 KS/KG Hidatsa Red Indian Bean, 5 KS/KG
Masterpiece Fava Bean, 5 KS/KG Negrito Manduvi Peanut, 4 KS/KG
Streamline Runner Bean, 5 KS/KG


Delicious, vitamin filled berries with a wide range of flavors and textures.

Image Name & Price Image Name & Price
Goji Berries, 9 KS/KG Huckleberries, 8 KS/KG
Lemondrop Berries, 8 KS/KG Old North Sea Strawberries, 8 KS/KG
Salal Berries, 9 KS/KG Saskatoons, 8 KS/KG

Gourds & Melons

Usually sweet and always filled with juice. These are a great source of delicious nutrition.

Image Name & Price Image Name & Price
Crimson Sweet Watermelon, 11 KS/KG Crystal Apple Cucumber, 9 KS/KG
Dragon's Egg Cucumber, 9 KS/KG Howden Pumpkin, 8 KS/KG
Japanese Pie Squash, 8 KS/KG Kajari Melon, 9 KS/KG
King and Queen Winter Watermelon, 11 KS/KG Kiwano Rund Jelly Melon, 11 KS/KG
Muncher Cucumber, 9 KS/KG Nimba Zucchini, 8 KS/KG
Thai Bottle Gourd, 8 KS/KG Tigger melon, 9 KS/KG
Waltham Butternut Squash, 8 KS/KG


Breads, crusts, breakfasts and more are all made better with high quality grain.

Image Name & Price Image Name & Price
Dakota Ivory Corn, 5 KS/KG Elena's Rojo Amaranth, 4 KS/KG
Golden Giant Amaranth, 4 KS/KG Hulless Oats, 5 KS/KG
Jasmine Rice, 5 KS/KG Paraguayan Chipa Corn, 5 KS/KG
Winter Rye, 6 KS/KG


All pictured herbs are available fresh, or dried and packaged.

Image Name & Price Packaged Price. Image Name & Price Packaged Price
Cumin, 3 KS/OZ 4 KS/OZ Emily Basil, 2 KS/OZ 3 KS/OZ
Lavender, 3 KS/OZ 5 KS/OZ Mugwort, 5 KS/OZ 8 KS/OZ
Parsley Giant of Italy, 4 KS/OZ 5 KS/OZ Slo-bolt Cilantro, 2 KS/OZ 3 KS/OZ
Stevia, 2 KS/OZ 4 KS/OZ Thyme, 3 KS/OZ 4 KS/OZ
Vierling Dill, 6 KS/OZ 8 KS/OZ Vulgare Oregano, 2 KS/OZ 3 KS/OZ
White Garlic, 2 KS/OZ 6 KS/OZ


Ideal for adding to salads or pasta dishes, or even for eating on their own.

Image Name & Price Image Name & Price
Canton Bok Choy, 8 KS/KG Early White Vienna Kohlrabi, 10 KS/KG
Giant Noble Spinach, 8 KS/KG Kalibos Cabbage, 9 KS/KG
Little Gem Lettuce, 7 KS/KG Purple of Romagna Artichoke, 10 KS/KG
Rapini Broccoli, 8 KS/KG Ruby Lettuce, 8 KS/KG
Tronchuda Kale, 10 KS/KG


Peppers' heat level is measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

Image Name & Price Heat Units Image Name & Price Heat Units
Anaheim Pepper, 9 KS/KG 500-2,500 SHU Chocolate Habanero Pepper, 11 KS/KG 200,000-385,000 SHU
Horizon Belle Pepper, 7 KS/KG 0 SHU Jupiter Pepper, 7 KS/KG 0 SHU
Midnight Dreams Bell Pepper, 7 KS/KG 0 SHU Mustard Trinidad Scorpion, 11 KS/KG 1,463,700 SHU
Poblano Pepper, 8 KS/KG 1,000-2,000 SHU Purple Jalapeno Pepper, 8 KS/KG 2,500-8,000 SHU

Root Vegetables

Root vegetables cover a huge array of culinary purposes, and are generally more hearty than many other vegetables.

Image Name & Price Image Name & Price
Atomic Red Carrot, 9 KS/KG Giant Musselburgh Leek, 9 KS/KG
Ginger Root, 10 KS/KG Jersey Yellow Sweet Potato, 8 KS/KG
Lunar White carrot, 9 KS/KG Magala Radish, 10 KS/KG
Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato, 8 KS/KG Southport Red Globe Onion, 7 KS/KG
Southport White Globe Onion, 7 KS/KG Sugar Beet, 10 KS/KG

Tree Fruits

For the health benefits of natural food, with the added bonus of natural sweetness, have some fruit.

Image Name & Price Image Name & Price
Bartlett Pears, 7 KS/KG Bosc Pears, 7 KS/KG
Coral Star Peaches, 8 KS/KG Edgar's Baby Dragon Fruit, 11 KS/KG
Encore Peaches, 8 KS/KG Gala Apples, 7 KS/KG
SweeTango Apples, 7 KS/KG

Other Vegetables

If it doesn't fall into one of the other categories of produce, but you're still looking for it, you can probably find it here.

Image Name & Price Image Name & Price
Basrawya Tomato, 7 KS/KG Calabrese Broccoli, 8 KS/KG
Diamond Eggplant, 9 KS/KG Duggin White Tomato, 7 KS/KG
Emerald Okra, 9 KS/KG Fox Cherry Tomato, 7 KS/KG
Glaskins Perpetual Rhubarb, 11 KS/KG Lincoln Garden Pea, 9 KS/KG


We offer not only fresh produce, but also fresh meat from our own livestock. Meat prices are based on section, rather than individual cut. All meat can also be freeze dried for long term storage or emergency rations.


Chuck Cuts 7 KS/KG Loin Cuts 18 KS/KG Rib Cuts 19 KS/KG Sirloin Cuts 13 KS/KG
Round Cuts 7 KS/KG Brisket Cuts 9 KS/KG Plate & Flank Cuts 9 KS/KG


Butt Cuts 7 KS/KG Loin Cuts 16 KS/KG Ham Cuts 10 KS/KG
Side & Spare Ribs 10 KS/KG Picnic Cuts 7 KS/KG Jowl Cuts 12 KS/KG


Chicken 5 KS/KG Turkey 8 KS/KG Duck 7 KS/KG


Tilapia 9 KS/KG Bass 10 KS/KG Pollock 9 KS/KG Catfish 9 KS/KG
Snapper 11 KS/KG Salmon 11 KS/KG Halibut 10 KS/KG Walleye 10 KS/KG
Shrimp 14 KS/KG Crab 19 KS/KG Squid 20 KS/KG Lobster 23 KS/KG



Whole 3 KS/Gal 2% 3 KS/Gal 1% 2KS/Gal Skim 1% 2KS/Gal


Cheddar 4 KS/Lb Gouda 4 KS/Lb Muenster 5 KS/Lb

OOC Notes

  • Thank you to Baker's Creek for the food images from their website at
  • Thank you to The Beef Checkoff for food images from their website at
  • Other images are either public domain, open share copyright, or owned by Rhysis
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