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Essia Monetary Exchange

The Essia Monetary Exchange is a privately held exchange was established in YE 31 to help transistion the Essia System economy to the Kikyou Satsu (KS). However, as it was willing to accept other non-monetary forms of compensation, it grew into a unique financial institution.

About the Essia Monetary Exchange

The Essia Monetary Exchange was created to help transition the Essian economy to the KS rather than the defacto gold standard it had been on. Because of this, it's internal unit of account is the gold ounce rather than KS. However, this is mostly a historical curiosity. The effort to transition the Essian economy is still underway as the vast majority of Separa'Shan who live outside of the main cities.

By YE 36, the Essia Monetary Exchange was fully integrated into the Yamtaian monetary and financial systems. Many worlds in Yamatai and other places have a branch of the Essia Monetary Exchange to help facilitate transactions.

Due to the Essia Monetary Exchange frequently dealing with alien races outside of Yamatai, and it's history of exchanging in unusual non-monetary forms of value such as paintings, gold, and other items. It has an unusually powerful and experienced valuation department. It is said that they will accept anything. However, this is false as they will only accept items that they have vetted and feel that they will be able to make a profit off of exchanging elsewhere.

They maintain a small fleet of Courier-class for the transport of high-value items.


“Value for Value.”

General Information

The EME is technically a private organization, although highly regulated. It receives significant support from the Essian government and from Yamatai due to its mandate to help transition the Essian economy. However, it has grown significantly beyond its original mandate and is competitive with many other Yamatai banking and financial institutions.

Essia Monetary Exchange
CEO Slen Volontany
Faction Yamatai
Product Symbol EME


The Headquarters and the majority of their assets are on Essia. It was one of the first buildings on Essia to be built using primarily Yamataian materials and construction. However, it still maintains the appearance of a traditional stone architecture.


They have many branches scattered on worlds that frequently trade with Essia. They are manned almost exclusively by Separa'Shan.


The Essia Monetary Exchange is primarily a services-oriented company.


  • Banking accounts, the EME offers a range of bank accounts suitable for the individual, small business and large corporations.
    • Personal
    • Commercial
    • Exchanging “Bellflower notes” KS for other denominations.
    • Exchanging KS for Gold.
    • Exchanging currency of all types, even relatively unknown ones.
  • Loans
    • Private
    • Commercial
  • Valuation
  • Stock Exchange
  • Brokerage
  • Armored Transport Service

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