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Exocorp Technologies

A relatively new organization operating under the laws of Planet Yamatai. A new Research and development facility was created for the purpose of furthering the boundries set by the present and powerful power armors that existed. However with restricted tech being… unaccessible they began to further on un-restricted technology under the beta name “APAURAD” or “Advanced Power Armor which began to delve on scarcely used technologies and improve on them. The facility then had to expand it's technologies and then formed a new organizations by the name of Exocorp Technologies, Ran by the MARA branch of the organization. APAURAD was naturally disbanded in order to create Exocorp Technologies.

Exocorp Technologies has devoted its research to military and very rarly law enforcement use. However since they are currently still working out bugs and getting appropriate security and such they have yet to start on any of the mecha projects they have planned. MARA tends to be quite zealous and secretive about their tech plans and such that they keep the plans under tight security. The plans and projects in work are guarded by over 50 percent of the hired guards and there is a intricate system of security networks that they made it as safe as they could with their budget.

A year has passed and the budget has been renewed and is currently significantly increased to allow more branches to be constructed (Which has already happened), security to be buffed more and also to employ pilots, technician and staff to work there. All records and logs of how else the budget was used and files regarding when it originally was formed has gone missing thus it's history is a mystery.

Along with the background of the company virtually erased from knowledge however very small traces of what may be the founder and creator by the name of 'Janus Oxidus' however it is possible it was a alias and thus all ties to them have been severed.

The Exocorp technologies research and development labs resides on Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia in a remote region with a great deal of land for testing Power Armor without weapon systems.


Currently there are the following Branches of Exocorp Technologies.

MARA: MARA are basically the overseers of all the other divisions, They also design and develop the actual power armors. They have the most difficult job of having to converse with the rest of the divisions at meetings to determine which would be recommended for the power armor idea at hand. It becomes decided by votes of favor, assembly workers, drones, delivery, etc… although most of them don't know much, they are still allowed to vote. Drone worker's votes, count as one vote. Researchers, developers and Mechanics votes count as 2 votes and MARA Researchers and Developer's votes count as 3. MARA staff is relatively thin compared to the other lesser divisions on account they are the most trusted staff and the most experienced. MARA stands for Mecha Advancement and Research Administration.

MAD-WEP-TD: This is where all the Mecha Weapon Tech is developed. Only experienced Researchers and Developers work here, exchanging theories and thoughts on new weapon Designs. Currently they are working on Project 'Thor'. There are exactly two sub-divisions of MAD WEP as it is called. The two sub-divisions are the research and development division and the more hazardous job of assembling the prototype weapon. Exocorp tech won't just go and make a Automated factory for a prototype that will probably still have kinks to work out. MAD-WEp-TD stands for Mecha Advancement and Development-Weapon-Tech Division

MAD-SYS-TD: Probably the most uneventful branche and possibly most important. However there is another sub-division with more interesting projects in development. Here is where all systems the mecha uses are created. There are many consoles and even more requests for more advanced coding software to further their research and development. The only sub-division it has is the Integral AI Systems and various other systems to make their power armors stand out in both function and form. The sub-division in known as the Arcanum at first it started as a smart mouthed comment but gradually became the name of the sub-division. MAD-SYS-TD stands for Mecha Advancement and Development-System-TechDevelopment

MAD-ARM-TD: This is where not only Researchers and Developers work but also veteran power armor mechanics to work out how the power armor would work out on the power armor would react to the weight of the armor, how well it would do on land, water and space. MAD-ARM-TD stands for Mecha Advancement and Development-Armor-Tech Division

MAD-MTP-AID: A currently Vacant department as finding a Power Armor Pilot willing to take this kind of job seems a bit hazardous.


Starting Budget: 6,300,000KS Current Budget: 545,000KS

Researchers- Amount: 25 Researchers Divided Cost: 60,000 KS by Yearly per Researcher 6,300,000KS -1,500,000KS 4,800,000KS

Developers- Amount: 25 Developers Divided Cost: 60,000 KS by Yearly per Developer 4,800,000KS -1,500,000KS 3,300,000KS

Veteran Power Armor Mechanics- Amount: 15 Cost: 60,000KS by Yearly per Mechanic 3,300,000KS -900,000KS 2,400,000KS

MARA Staff- Amount: 12 Cost: 80,000 KS by Yearly per MARA Staff 2,400,000KS -960,000KS 1,440,000

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