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Frontier Banking Service

The economic center of the Frontier Service Corporation that gives currency equivalency to the Independent's Arcmark.

About the FBS

Created by Mr. Donovan in YE 39 to assign value to the currency of the USO (Arcmark) by essentially purchasing arcmarks with the long term purpose of helping other frontier colonies the same way. By charging a small processing fee for currency conversion colonies can participate in interstellar trade without having to be recognized politically by other governments. While buying out the currency would seem like a huge waste of money it secured the presence of FSCorp on the Planet Osman and gave the corporation political sway.

Unfortunately the largest weakness in this fragile method of economic growth was discovered as the R&D branch of Sky Guard called Section 6 began heavily outsourcing to Iemochi Innovations & Sales. Come the last month ofYE 39 the purchase of two Albion carriers removed 160 million KS from circulation. Only days later the Banking Service was shut down as they had run out of convertible denominations, thus rendering the Arkmark valueless. This economic collapse resulted in the Frontier Service Corporation making an immediate shift from honorable corporation to economic syndicate as they scrambled to restore life to the planet's economy.

General Information

Frontier Service Corporation
Owner Candon Suites
President Mr. Donovan
Faction USO
Product Symbol FS
Currency Exchange Rates
KS 1 2
DA 0.5 1
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Howard Station
Station Model Origin OOSY
Location orbiting Planet Osman, pending completion
Commander Origin Industries Construction Team


After construction the FBS headquarters will be stationed on Howard Station and banks will start appearing on Planet Osman.


Roles are divided between two types of work, administrative and service. Administrators set policy, manage finances of the entire branch and in general keep things organized and well-structured. Service roles are given to people who interface with the public or handle the material aspects of the banking service.


These positions are held by people who manage the administrative aspect of the banking service.

  • Branch Manager
    • Highest authority of branch.
  • Economic Planner
    • Monitors economic progress of both corporation, colonies, and interstellar market.
  • Chief Accountant
    • Visits and audits banks and bank accountants to ensure financial accuracy across corporation.


These positions are held by people who manage the material aspect of the banking service.

  • Bank manager
    • Highest authority of bank.
    • Determines pay rate for staff.
  • Bank Accountant
    • Ensures accuracy of bank records and attends a monthly meeting with the Chief Accountant to present statistics.
  • Bank Staff
    • Ranges from tellers to janitors.


FBS offers the following services:

  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Electronic Banking
  • Loans and Credit
  • Debt collection

Current Projects

  • Economic modification of 188604 for compatibility with Interstellar Market and trade.

OOC Notes

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