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FSCorp Catalog

The Frontier Service Corporation welcomes all to browse our selection of products. For pricing please contact Fscorp salesman.


Personal Equipment

  • FMS Powered Suit: A suit built for the working man. Fully capable of protecting against common hazards in space work such as high voltage, high temperatures, and radiation while also increasing strength and speed.
  • FMS Pilot Companion AI: The perfect copilot, originally designed for use in high speed interceptors the PiCo will learn from its owner while watching out for the safety of the craft. These devices can turn even the most novice pilots and and drivers into capable operators by detecting and preventing mistakes. They cannot be remotely tampered with and are durable enough to survive all but the most destructive fates.

Aerospace Craft

  • Wahoo Interceptor: A blazing fast and ultra nimble interceptor capable of carrying a variety of equipment.




  • Model r23 Personal Defense Weapon: A compact, fully automatic laser weapon with a high rate of fire and ultra customizable design. These guns can be built into virtually anything from a basic rifle to a shotgun and more!
    • FMS Universal Battery Cells: Designed to be an uldra modular solution to powering nearly any form of powered equipment, these battery cells can be stacked in various ways to achieve higher outputs and greater capacities.


  • Starfighter Primary Laser Weapon: A fully automatic laser cannon with a high rate of fire and super customizable design to give the owner total flexibility its function.
  • Starfighter Recoiless Gravity Cannon: A recoiless gravity cannon that fires fast moving gravitons with the option of launching shells for increased damage.
    • SP-ADR: A slug made of perfectly formed artificial diamond tipped with a subspace detonator designed for making sugical strikes against heavily shielded targets such as starships.
    • NS-50: A canister filled with the splinters produced by creating SP-ADR slugs, these shells break open inside the stream of gravitons as they leave the barrel in a controlled manner to cause a shotgun effect that is deadly in close range of anti infantry engagements.
    • Sutafaia Fusion Shell: Intended for service on S6 vessels, this shell causes a small nuclear blast at the point of impact. Using this shell requires the installation of a barrel equipped with an electromagnetic activation module equipped barrel to arm the shells.


  • Construction Hardware: Nuts, bolts, screws, brackets, Etc. Anything needed for the assembly of machinery can be made available in high quantities in nearly any material, barring restricted and proprietary materials.
  • Ultra Hydrophobic Spray: Capable of being applied to a wide variety of items, our Industrial grade UH coatings can be applied to almost anything to make it extremely water resistant.
  • Silica Aerogel Insulation: Provides exceptional thermal protection, even during a shieldless atmospheric reentry. Especially useful in the construction of aerospace vehicles.
  • Aluminium Oxynitride: Transparent Aluminium offers exceptional durability with little weight. Made to order.
  • Faraday Shielding: A conductive metal screen that offers fantastic shielding from EM radiation but only when applied correctly.
  • Cooling Systems: Keep your machinery cool with a variety of modular systems.

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