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Starfighter Recoiless Gravity Cannon

In late YE 39 the Frontier Service Corporation released the Starfighter RGC for general circulation and usage in FSCorp's mecha and aerospace craft. Frontier Manufacturing Service created this weapon for use as a mecha-scale primary weapon with a focus on delivering kinetic damage the Starfighter PLW does not provide.

About the Starfighter RGC

Built to increase a starfighters effectiveness against larger ships this system was designed to be mounted to the hardpoints of the Wahoo Interceptor and adapted into handheld weaponry for mecha, rifle pods for the U-1 Production Model Variable Mecha and bazooka styled weapons for the OI-M1-1A Ashigaru.

Nomenclature Information


The barrel is slightly shorter than the circular rings surrounding it, each one evenly spaced apart from each other and extending past the barrel. These rings create the graviton field and are supported set the top and bottom by thick rods that extend from the casing to the end of the gun. The damping system extends out of the rear of the casing between two rods larger then the ones around the barrel. A centralized shock absorber lay centered between these rods connected to a plate which holds the 3 cylindrical objects together.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: Light is heavily distorted around the graviton emission. A white flash can be seen when the coil gun fires.
  • Beam Appearance: The beam of compressed gravity is too dense for light to escape, thus it appears black, yet casts a faint glow.
  • Retort: The act of firing is very loud, like the crack of lighting.
  • Effective Range:
    • Space: 500,000 Kilometres
    • Atmosphere: 10 Kilometres
  • Rate of Fire: 50 rounds per minute, 1.2 second recharge after firing.
  • Recoil: Light, due to recoiless damper.

Energy Source

The RGC can be fired without a munition chambered. In fact, it is the default option and firing a shell is the alternative. When the capacitor bank is charged the built in generator powers the graviton projectors and creates a linear field ahead of itself. When fired the capacitors are drained and the linear field of gravitons are instantly accelerated away at a quarter of the speed of light. Upon collision the immense inertial force is instantly transferred into the target to inflict damage. Even gravitationally shielded vessels of sufficiently small size would generally by knocked off cource by the blast.

  • Power source: A dedicated u-g3801 is built into the weapon and powers all functions.
  • Average DR: Heavy anti-mecha (Tier 9) plus any munition that is fired.
  • Round Capacity: The twin heavy-duty capacitors can hold charge for only a single attack, afterwhich the on-board Hyperspace Tap generator recharges the capacitors. A solid 40mm shell can be loaded in under a second, though capacitors must be recharged to fire. 40mm shells are carried in either a 3 round magazine on either, or both, side(s) of the cannon or a 30 round ammo pod in wing hardpoints mounted on either, or both, side(s) of the cannon. Thus the cannon may carry 3, 6, 30, 36, or 60 rounds depending on configuration. It should be noted that a 30 round ammunition pod is twice the weight of the cannon when fully loaded. Additionally, a magazine cannot be ejected in flight, thus an ammunition pod cannot load if a magazine is between the two. A cannon may have a magazine on one side and ammunition pod on the other.


When desired, a 50mm shell can be loaded into the breach from either an attached 5 round magazine or a separate 30 round ammo pod with a loading mechanism.

Shell Damage
SP-ADR Shield Piercing-Artificial Diamond Rod Tier 10, Light Anti-starship
NC-50 Needle Canister Tier 9, Heavy Anti-mecha

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: The weapon is fired electrically by dumping massive amperage from the capacitors into the graviton projectors.
  • Loading: A single integrated u-g3801 charges a pair of heavy-duty capacitors. When a solid shell is desired a mechanical arm transfers a shell from the magazine into the breach of the cannon.
  • Mode Selector: The safety is in the arming switch. When the power is connected the weapon is live. A pull of the trigger will result in weapon operation.
  • Firing Modes: A pull of the trigger will cause the weapon to fire a single graviton pulse. Pressing a button just under the arming switch on the dashboard will cause the weapon to load a shell, after which a pull of the trigger will launch it.
  • Weapon Sight: digital crosshairs with a firing line are displayed on a HUD.
  • Attachment Hard Points: The weapon is compatible with a magazine pod that carries it's cannon shells.


  • W3901 RGC: 10,000 KS

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