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The first AI developed by Horizon prior to the public launch of the company. It acts as the digital assistant to the business and is used just as much within Horizon products.

About Dawn

Dawn is a tactical analysis AI developed by Riccard Black intended to help him run Galactic Horizon during its early days and was eventually adapted to provide analytical support in militaristic situations. The system has an expected lifespan of 5 years if properly maintained, this includes regular security checks and any necessary updates to contained data.

Statistical information

General info for the Dawn AI

Organisation: Galactic Horizon
Designer: Riccard Black
Manufacturer: Riccard Black
Classification: Data analytics
YE Created: YE 40


Specialised AI program designed to provide support within the corporate structure by analysing and compiling the vast amounts of basic data usually done by a large cohort of people. In taking care of the mundane admin tasks of Horizon there is a smaller requirement for staff and space.

Key features

Dawn in its original state was solely an analytical system to assist with running the business which was capable of running numbers and calculations in the corporate environment. Later modifications to the system included the integration of a personality module and more advanced analytical software to create a confined AI system.

Dawnโ€™s personality takes the form of a professionally toned female with little sense of humour and an autonomous sounding voice, it has been loaded onto a personal device for each member of Galactic Horizon with limited access to its usual abilities and the Horizon database. As a confined AI Dawn is able to learn and adapt its techniques based on new information but only within its analytical functions and is incapable of developing further understanding of other systems or processing other knowledge without further adaptations.


Development of Dawn was started late YE 39 as a pet project by Riccard Black and later was the first official development project for Galactic Horizon improved and completed beyond the original design to act as a personal AI for the business. Dawn v1.0.0. was completed the first day of YE 40 and as the first official version its capabilities were limited to basic data analytics and trend predictions.

Dawn v1.3.2 was the second major update which introduced the personality module and advanced analytical engine which occurred a week after the company moved into their office and had better facilities to work with. The improvement was directed by Riccard Black in an effort to increase productivity of the system by making it faster and more accurate and allowing it to interact with staff more directly.

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