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Galactic Horizon Energy Cores

The Energy Cores developed by Galactic Horizon in YE 40 is a multi-purpose energy supply developed alongside the SSR with the intent of being a reusable energy source for future energy based weapons and devices.

Using high capacity and lossless energy transfer each core can hold enough power to keep energy weapons or systems charged for long periods of time. Combined with being rechargeable the cores provide a viable energy source for weapons and equipment and has a lifespan of 5 000 charges to avoid needing regular replacement.

General Stats

Information regarding the energy cores including size, visual effects and technical information.

Nomenclature: GH-G1-1A
Designer: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
Size: 15cm length, 5cm diameter
Effective Range: Defined by system
Pricing: 100KS per core

Laser Tag Variant

With slight modification an energy output maximum value can be designated for each core allowing it to power the IR weapons used within Galactic Horizon Laser-Tag and functions no differently in effect to a standard core. This secondary function is listed as a separate version to the standard as it has far less power output than a standard configuration core and would NOT work if used in an energy powered weapon. One other additional feature of this configuration is a maximum allowed value of energy per use causing the core to shut down for several minutes afterwards, this provides the need to reload during the laser tag games as well as instilling a sense of urgency when clicking a trigger and nothing happens.

This variant uses the General Stats

Heavy Duty Variant

The heavy duty variant of the Energy Core is larger in size and has a higher capacity for energy storage as well as better transfer rates and restrictions. It was designed to power small vehicles and even some basic starship fighters, this was to avoid needing a large supply of standard cores to power vehicles.

This variant is also slightly more volatile in nature due to increased capacity and its intended use, if not regulated correctly they will expel large quantities of energy at a rapid pace. This may be an electromagnetic detonation if the housing is damaged and the energy release valves are failing, alternatively it may begin releasing lightning like arcs of electromagnetic energy which will seek out the nearest ground source.

Heavy Duty Statistics

Information regarding the heavy duty variant including size, visual effects and technical information.

Nomenclature: GH-G1-2A
Designer: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
Size: 45cm length, 15cm diameter
Effective Range: Defined by system
Pricing: 250KS per core

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