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Adrenaline Utility Gear

The Adrenaline Utility Gear (AUG) is an open body armour with a utility functionality rather than defense and attack, it was designed in YE 40 by Galactic Horizon. Its design purpose was to act as a multi-purpose tool in hazardous situations with capabilities for traversal and environmental protection.

About the AUG

Groups using this product: ECV Raven, Section 6, open market
Type: Utility Equipment
Nomenclature: GH-g1-7f
Designer/s: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Iemochi Innovations & Sales, Section 6
Entered Service: YE 40
Pricing: 2 000KS
Life Expectancy: 4 Years guaranteed

A low-tech grade equipment set which is designed as an affordable and useful tool for civilian protection, offering minor limb protection against dangerous terrain and a sealed helmet for hazardous environmental protection in polluted atmospheres or conditions. The set does not cover the whole body nor is it joined to form a single item and each piece is capable of functioning independently.


Spelunkers Pack

Artwork by Banzz

Description: A sleek charcoal coloured backpack design with two padded shoulder straps and a padded strap around the midriff with several smaller buckles over the torso. Its shape clearly defines the air canister in the pack with a cylinder shape in the center.

Pioneers Helmet

Artwork by Banzz

Description: A sleek design to compliment the pack with flashlight built into the left side of the crown and external comms antenna beginning over the right ear and extending upwards, an environmental air filter is built into the mouth area on the front of the helmet with a curved visor extending from one ear to the other to provide a larger FOV.

Climbers Gauntlets

Reference images: here

Description: Elbow length grey cut resistant material with a lightweight alloy bracer attached to each one over the forearm extending 2/3 of the way around the arm leaving a small gap on the inside.

Survivalists Greaves

Reference images: here

Description: Ski boot design but comprised of the same alloy as the bracers with the boot opening reaching partway up the shin where the cut resistant material attaches and continues up over the knee where a sheath or pouch on each leg holds the end.

Folded Crossbow

Reference images: here

Description: Short crossbow barely the length of a forearm1) composed mostly of strengthened plastic and lightweight alloy to keep it light but sturdy. The arms can be folded parallel to the body to reduce the space it occupies while moving and allowing it to be easily clipped onto a backpack or chest rig.


Spelunkers Pack – Low profile pack-shaped traversal enhancement tool worn like a backpack, with two internal high-torque winches with a carabiner attached to both high tensile cables. Also contained within the pack is a large compressed air canister configured to expel controlled bursts providing an upward boost, in the small storage area are various additional items for the cable including a high-strength magnets and claws.

Pioneers Helmet – Environmentally sealed tactical helmet with a built-in air filter for hostile atmospheres, in extreme conditions the compressed air canister can be used as a temporary oxygen source. The visor of the suit is equipped to stop UV damage to the wearers eyes as well as having a flashlight and comms antenna attacked to the outside of the helmet running to internal earpieces and mic. Note the helmet is not powered, light has rechargeable battery and antenna is a booster only.

Climbers Gauntlets – A set of 2 lightweight metal alloy arm guards over elbow length cut resistant gloves designed to protect the arms and hands from sharp objects when climbing and gripping. Each guard has a slot containing a short 5 inch knife with the handle at the wrist end and on top of the arm.

Survivalists Greaves – A set of lightweight metal alloy thick soled boots with retractable steel spikes in the sole to provide purchase when traversing slopes and to assist with rappelling and wall walking. Attached to each boot is a knee length cut resistant sleeve with a pouch or holster attached to the top which tightens against the leg to hold it, the sleeves and boots are designed to protect the lower legs from injury from dangerous terrain.

Folded Crossbow – A lightweight crossbow with folding arms for easier carrying ability allowing it to be strapped to a belt or pack while moving. The function of the crossbow is to allow the user to fire the cable with chosen attachment skyward allowing upward traversal.


The first low tech product from Galactic Horizon which was designed in YE 40 as an inexpensive and easy to produce product fit for civilian consumption. While the group is equipped to design more intricate items the Adrenaline Utility Gears purpose is to raise public awareness of the group and their potential as a civilian grade producer as well as their more militaristic endeavors.

The concept was to provide semi-advanced equipment for those who enjoy some of the more dangerous physical challenges. The project was started under the guidance of Kryss Black who sought to promote the company’s public image through a cheap and easy product launch that would be easily available.

During the design and development stage of the equipment a prototype test was held within the Section 6 labs where some outstanding practical issues were found and fixed. This test prompted the integration of the small folded crossbow to launch cable allowing for upward traversal, issues with the effectiveness of the claw were also addressed.2)

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roughly 45cm long
prototype test jp here
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