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Physical Exertion Gear

The Physical Exertion Gear, more commonly known as the PEG suit, is a synthetic muscle suit that was designed and developed by Galactic Horizon in YE 40.

About the Physical Exertion Gear
Groups using this Product: Open market
Type: Utility Equipment
Nomenclature: GH-G11-1k
Designer/s: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
Entered Production: YE 40
Weight: 3kg (6.61lbs)
Life Expectancy: 5 years guaranteed
Defensive Capacity: Tier 1, Light Personnel

The PEG suit costs 250KS and is available from the usual Galactic Horizon outlets and associates.


The PEG suit was designed in mid-YE 40 to help its wearer push themselves as far as they can go during intensive training. The first versions originally required a belt-mounted power pack before it was refined to fit inside the suit’s outline; once all the kinks had been ironed out, the suit was made available to the public.


The PEG suit is made up of a wall of conductive gel strips and flexible circuitry that is sandwiched between an inner layer of bacteria-resistant and breathable cotton that lets the wearer’s skin breathe; the suit’s outermost layer of ‘skin’ is a durable polymer designed to protect both the components and the wearer to a degree.

The suit provides a noticeable amount of support to the groin, rump and chest regions to prevent anything from shifting around uncomfortably during intensive exercise.

The suit has two low-profile capacitors, one of which is built into each of the suit's shoulder blades; they generate power using the wearer's body heat. A short-range wireless system is built into the neck piece of the suit for hands-free accessibility to those with digital minds or compatible mindware and a volumetric projection display is built into the left forearm to adjust how much hinderance/assistance the suit applies to the wearer at any given point.


The PEG suit is available in a wide variety of colours and has the appearance of a bodysuit made up from rubberized, muscle-like strips. The Galactic Horizon logo is emblazoned across the left breast and the suit is available in both a hooded and non-hooded version; lastly, both versions have non-removable sock-like boots at the end of the legs and thin gloves built at the ends of the arms.


The PEG suit uses pulses of electricity to contract and expand its muscle-like structure in sync with the wearer’s movement, which can be used to either put more strain on the wearer and make them have to push harder or assist the wearer’s muscles and take some of the strain out.

The suit was designed to put strain on the wearer during workouts to make them push themselves further and then make movement easier after the workout to help deal with the resulting fatigue. The PEG passively converts body heat into an electrical charge, takes roughly a minute of contact to fully charge up, is usually ready to go by the time the wearer is done pulling it on.

The level of hindrance or assistance the suit provides is manually controlled via the wearer's input through either the wireless chip in the neck or the volumetric display in the arm; additionally, the PEG also tracks its wearer's movements, temperature, and various other health-related statistics so that they can be reviewed post-exercise.

Donning and Doffing the Physical Exertion Gear

The wearer undoes the vertical zipper at the front of the PEG suit and steps backward into suit's legs, then pulls their arms into the sleeves and shrug the suit over their shoulders before pulling the zipper back up; to take the suit off, simply reverse the process. The second skin-like nature of the PEG suit means that wearers are limited to wearing only slim undergarments or nothing beneath it; most other forms of clothing, however, can be worn over the suit.

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