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Custom Model 001 โ€“ Bio-Disaster Faceplate

Galactic Horizon product designation CM 001, an atmospheric respiratory protective faceplate designed for use with existing combat helmets.

About the B-DF

The first completed custom model design by Galactic Horizon requested and completed in early YE 40 for Iemochi Seinosuke. The order placed requested a custom visor/faceplate that would work with the existing Star Army Helmet, Type 34 while providing some extra environmental protection against hostile atmospheres, pathogens and microbes.

General Information

Table containing information of the standard nomenclature and statistical information of the CM 001 B-DF.

Groups using this product: Iemochi Seinosuke
Type: Utility equipment
Nomenclature: GH-G4-2D
Designer/s: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
Requested: YE 40
Purpose Tier 2
Weight 0.3kg
Life Expectancy Indefinite unless damaged1)


The overall style of the faceplate is that of a โ€œPlague Doctor Maskโ€ as per the request but is composed of lightweight ballistic plastics and some alloys and thin metals to give it strength as a viable replacement for the standard visor and guard. The โ€œbeakโ€ protrudes about 20cm out of the face so as to be visually noticeable without inhibiting itโ€™s purpose or obstructing movement of the user.


The different operating components of the B-DF are improved versions of otherwise standard issue functions in many enviro and defensive model helmets.


The faceplate comes with a high-quality microphone and can be wired into any 3rd party antenna and speaker making it compatible with existing technology.


Based on the design specs used in the Pioneer helmet from the AUG but with a functional overhaul. The atmospheric filtering system can sort through micro bacteria and pathogens as well as gaseous particles and will protect the user as long the helmet is sealed.


High definition cameras that capture the outside are projected as a HUD within the faceplate to give a clear view of outside to the user. Additional micro cameras can be attached to provide small windows on the HUD showing alternate view angles.

Displayed in the upper left corner of the HUD is a rudimentary minimap displaying the approximated direction of any detected sounds. A circle dived into six pieces with an outer ring, when sounds are detected within 30m the outer ring will display either red for confirmed enemy, yellow for unknown or green for confirmed friendly, once the sounds are within 10m the inner circle will light up the same way.

Once linked to the suit and any weapons the HUD will display a small set of user vitals in the bottom left corner and a weapon info panel in the bottom right displaying its current fire-mode, ammunition/power level and any issues.

Optics and Sensors

Each of the micro cameras attached to the faceplate has several lenses for various application, these include night vision, infa-red and thermal views as well as standard high definition.

Along with the Cameras are several small audio sensors in the form of ultra-sensitive microphones which can relay directions of sounds to a rudimentary โ€œminimapโ€ displayed on the HUD. The microphones can also be connected to any earpieces within the helmet to send audio cues and outside sound to the user.

OOC Information

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individual components subject to wear over time depending on application

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