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Handsfree Communications Collar

The Handsfree Communications Collar, also referred to as the HeCC is a laryngophone that was created by Galactic Horizon in YE 40 as cheap, simple and effective communications device that was made available for the open market.

Price: 150ks
Weight: 0.25kg
Nomenclature: GH-g8-2b
Designer: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
Entered Service: 6 Years Guaranteed
Type: Utility Equipment

About the HeCC

The HeCC is a handsfree communications device that is powered by a simple bioelectric generator, it is a matte black band of foam for padding, the band is 2cm wide, 1cm thick and 60cm long with a Velcro fastener that lets one size fit all. The electrical components of the HeCC are flexible to increase comfort and reduce wear and tear. The Communications capabilities include satellite (if available), peer to peer relay and standard radio(1LY range). A small button sits on the overlapping tab of the band, this button allows the HeCC to be paired with a variety of devices that can boost the signal, change frequencies, etc.

Donning and Doffing the HeCC

The HeCC is worn by wrapping it around the neck and touching one half of the Velcro to another, it is fully adjustable and removed by separating the two Velcro halves and pulling it away from the neck.


A laryngophone 1) is a type of contact microphone that absorbs vibrations directly from the wearer's throat by way of sensors worn against the neck. The sensors can pick up speech even in extremely noisy or windy environments such as on an open-cabin vehicle, or in a firefight. Other types of microphones do not function well under these conditions because of high levels of background noise.

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also known as a throat microphone

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